Remedy Cannabis: Premium, Handcrafted Remedies

Grown and hand-trimmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, Remedy cannabis is crafted to heal. Discover the right Remedy for you.

Independently Grown and Hand-trimmed Cannabis

Remedy cannabis comes from cutting-edge methods to produce hand-picked, handcrafted, and lab-tested marijuana products. Innovative growing techniques and our scientific approach to marijuana cultivation yield optimal results, focusing on strength, cleanliness, and healing properties.

Cultivating and Crafting a Higher Quality Cannabis


Our craft strains are hand-cultivated with potency, flavor, and efficacy in mind for both patients and consumers.


Solvent-free, discrete, and portable, our designer vape cartridges are handcrafted to heal.


From Live Resins to solvent-free oils, we prioritize quality and purity above all else.

Cannabis Infused

Remedy your body from the inside out with our dynamic line of cannabis-infused products.

Cannabasics: Cannabis Education 101

Whether you’re new to cannabis or a veteran, there are some basics of marijuana education every consumer should know.

Your Remedy Cannabis Questions Answered

Get your recreational and medical marijuana FAQs answered by a Battle Born cannabis brand and a team of passionate marijuana extraction technicians and cultivators. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about our wholesale options or to find our Remedies in a dispensary near you.

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