Remedy Yourself with the Best Cannabis Products in the West

From cannabinoid and terpene content to extraction methods, our Remedies are crafted to heal. Find out where you can find our craft cannabis products today.

The First and the Best Battle Born Lab-tested Marijuana Products

At Remedy, our recreational and medical marijuana manufacturers practice unparalleled cutting-edge methods to produce hand-picked, handcrafted, and lab-tested marijuana products. Innovative growing techniques and our scientific approach to marijuana cultivation yield optimal results, focusing on strength, cleanliness, and healing properties.

Cultivating and Crafting a Higher Quality Cannabis


Our craft strains are hand-cultivated with potency, flavor, and efficacy in mind for both patients and consumers.


Solvent-free, discrete, and portable, Remedy’s designer vape cartridges are handcrafted to heal.


From ‘Live’ resins to solvent-free oils, we prioritize quality and purity above all else.


Remedy your body from the inside out with our dynamic line of cannabis products and topicals.

Cannabasics: Cannabis Education 101

Whether you’re new to cannabis or a veteran, there are some basics of marijuana education every consumer should know.

Your Remedy Questions Answered

Get your recreational and medical marijuana FAQs answered by a Battle Born cannabis brand and a team of passionate marijuana extraction technicians and cultivators.

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