As a favorite cannabis brand from Nevada, Remedy in Las Vegas began with the mission to craft quality, premium Remedies for everyone.

craft cannabis flower by remedyREMEDY IN LAS VEGAS: A FAVORITE CANNABIS BRAND

Our handcrafted cannabis sets the standard in the cannabis industry. For example, we combine the benefits of selective genetic breeding with the strictest lab-testing standards. Likewise, we are proud of our hand-cultivation processes and strive to nurture premium cannabis Remedies possible.

Remedy’s commitment to curing with cannabis

As part of our commitment to crafting Remedies you can trust, we have designed standard-setting operations. This enables us to produce the finest handcrafted and lab-tested marijuana products.

Through implementing our innovative growing techniques, we replicate our scientific approach to cannabis cultivation for optimal results. When cultivating and producing our cannabis products, we focus on:

  • Strength
  • Cleanliness
  • Therapeutic potential
  • Crafting curative cannabis

Remedy Yourself with a craft cannabis brand that cares

Founded upon the belief everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable cannabis products, we craft care into everything we do. For instance, our team members craft each one of our strains with quality, cleanliness, and efficacy in mind.

More importantly, we tend to our craft cannabis flower by hand to preserve its integrity. 

Where to find your Remedy products

Looking for where to find some of the top cannabis products? In addition to crafting our Remedies with care, we work with Las Vegas and Nevada dispensaries. We strive for you to have access to your Remedy product at convenient locations.

This is why we partner with premier dispensaries that focus on patient care and education. Find Remedy in dispensaries across the Vegas valley!


At Remedy in Las Vegas, we commit to making a positive impact on our community and the world. From craft cannabis flower to our dynamic line of CBD products, we crafted all of our Remedies with your needs in mind.