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cannabis capsules

From Anxiety to PTSD, Cannabis Capsules May Be the Remedy for You

Cannabis capsules provide patients with another way to consume the healing advantages of marijuana. They’re easier to ingest and provide a better Remedy for people who prefer not to smoke. Cannabis capsules effectively treat mental health conditions with a steadier dosage than conventional medication. Improve Your Mental Health with Cannabis Capsules Health divides into two…

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remedy depression with cannabis

Remedy Depression with Cannabis

Major depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the country and the world. In America alone, more than 16 million American adults cope with the symptoms of depression every year. Do you know why so many patients are opting to Remedy depression with cannabis products? Remedying Depression with Craft Cannabis Products Also…

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where to buy marijuana : Blüm

Find Your Remedy at Blüm

Remedy is proud to work with cannabis dispensaries dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service. Our strong commitment to remedying the community through cannabis has led to collaborations with the best organizations across the Las Vegas Valley. If you’re asking yourself “where to buy marijuana of the highest quality,” look no further than…

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marijuana products for your endocannabinoid system

Remedying Your Endocannabinoid System through Your Diet

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the network of cell receptors and molecules responsible for sending messages throughout the human body. A healthy ECS is fundamental for optimal appetite, mood, sleep, and reproduction. Diet and exercise build and activate the ECS, while marijuana products enhance the effects. Change Your Health Habits by Adding Marijuana Products for…

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marijuana and pain relief

What’s Your Pain Management Remedy: Marijuana and Pain Relief

Cannabis and chronic pain relief have been linked for centuries. According to Mark Ware, MD, an assistant professor of anesthesia and family medicine at McGill University, 10-15% of patients treated for chronic pain use cannabis. Cannabis is a natural and healthier pain management alternative to pharmaceuticals. Learn about the link between marijuana and pain relief.…

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the role of endocannabinoid receptors

Understanding the Role of the Endocannabinoid System

While cannabis has played a role in human society for thousands of years as a plant-based therapy, it wasn’t until the late 1900s that scientists began to learn exactly how and why cannabis is such an effective Remedy. Since then, thousands of studies have been conducted to learn more about cannabinoids and, more importantly, the…

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find the remedy for you at las vegas releaf

Find Your Remedy at Las Vegas Releaf

As a Battle Born brand with strong community roots, Remedy is proud to work within a cannabis community like Las Vegas. Our commitment to remedying the community through cannabis has enabled us to connect and grow with like-minded organizations across the state and country. Las Vegas ReLeaf is one of the first dispensaries in Las…

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link between cannabidiol and sleep disorders

What’s Your Night Time Remedy: Cannabidiol and Sleep Disorders

The legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Nevada has introduced the wide array of benefits of cannabis for medical marijuana consumers, including its efficiency as a sleep aid. Cannabis is natural and healthier sleep aid alternative to pharmaceuticals. Here is the link between cannabidiol and sleep disorders. Treating Sleep Disorders with Cannabis According…

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top cannabis strains of 2017

Reflect on 2017 with Your Favorite Las Vegas Remedies

The legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Nevada has introduced the wide array of cannabis products to the people of Las Vegas. Our Battle Born brand is committed to remedying the community through cannabis. To celebrate a year of marijuana in Nevada, we are reflecting on the ten most popular strains of 2017…

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