Cannabis Remedies and Breast Cancer: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Cannabis may help remedy a myriad of symptoms. From pain management to nausea, discover which cannabis product might help you or someone you know suffering from breast cancer, or other cancer-related symptoms. 

What is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Breast cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the cells of the breast. Although breast cancer can occur in men, it is far more common in women, being the second most common cancer for women in the US. 

Breast Cancer Awareness has increased survival rates due to early detection, research funding, and a better understanding of the disease overall.

Marijuana As Medicine

The US Government’s National Cancer Institute recognizes cannabinoids effects including anti-inflammatory activity, blocking cell growth, preventing the growth of blood vessels that supply tumors, fighting viruses, and relieving muscle spasms. 

While it is not proven that cannabis can cure cancer, cannabis can aid in symptom management in cancer patients by treating nausea, stimulating appetite, managing pain, relieving sleep, and inhibiting tumor growth.

Suggested Ways to Remedy

Our bodies naturally have an endocannabinoid system, which keeps us healthy. Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds found in cannabis that produce medicinal effects, treating conditions such as pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression. Cannabinoids bind to receptor sites throughout our bodies producing different types of relief and effects.  Cannabis contains over 85 kinds of cannabinoids, most with medicinal value. 

Strains for Cancer-related symptoms

Bio-Jesus is an indica-dominant strain, which produces warm numbing body effects, perfect for pain management.

OG 18 produces long-lasting sedative effects, great for pain and insomnia.

Bio-Diesel is an award-winning hybrid great for appetite stimulation due to its high THC levels.

CBD Oil and Other Cannabis Products to Consider

Tinctures are great options for non-smoking consumers. As some of the oldest forms of medicinal cannabis, tinctures are made by extracting cannabis with alcohol. 1-2mL is applied sublingually until desired effects are achieved, generally within 30 minutes. 

Topicals are applied directly to localized areas for pain relief without heady highs and psychoactive effects. 

The Ink Ribbon Foundation

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Kim Maddi is a cannabis advocate and breast cancer survivor. Like many women in her position, she felt self-conscious about her body. When she discovered mastectomy scar tattoos, Kim knew it was the answer to gain back her confidence, however, most insurance companies do not cover tattoos. This is how the Ink Ribbon Foundation came to fruition. 

For more information, visit to learn more about her story and her positive impact on our community!

How You Can Support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During the month of October, our partners at Silver Sage Wellness will donate a percentage of their proceeds to the Ink Ribbon Foundation. Donations help women take back control over their bodies by artistically covering their scars with beautiful artwork or traditional nipple tattoos. 

Kim will be in-store on October 11th & 25th from 2-6 p.m. to share her story with our local community.  Stop by for limited edition pink stickers and specials to support.