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We take pride in cultivating the highest quality cannabis oils to infuse our capsules and tinctures. Discover more about our products infused with THC or CBD oil without THC.


Cannabis oil, also known as marijuana oil, is a dynamic Remedy used in a wide variety of ways to treat multiple illnesses. Consumers commonly ingest them orally, but they can also be vaporized or rubbed topically. Cannabis oil utilizes the benefits of both THC and CBD to provide optimal relief for patients.

Concentrated cannabidiol, one of the prominent cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, compromise CBD oils without THC. CBD oils are powerful pain relievers that also act as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and help treat cancer. Marijuana oil doesn’t induce psychoactive effects, making this type of cannabis oil an excellent Remedy for any patient.

At its core, cannabis oil is essentially butter that can be used for cooking. Medical marijuana patients can Remedy themselves by using it to make marijuana edibles. 

We effectively extract cannabis oil to infuse capsules and tinctures.


At Remedy, our cannabis capsules are made for patients and adult-use consumers looking for discreet, healthy, and solvent-free dosing methods. No matter which Remedy capsules you prefer, all of our marijuana capsules come discreetly packaged and in childproof containers.

Remedy Yourself with SSW Gold cannabis capsules

We only use pure THC oil to craft our SSW Gold cannabis capsules. Because of their virtual tastelessness, patients and consumers who don’t want to ‘taste’ cannabis often choose this product.

‘Jimmy B Oil’ cannabis capsules

As a part of our commitment to crafting dynamic cannabis Remedies, our Jimmy B Oil cannabis capsules come in two doses: regular strength (30 mg per dose) and extra strength (50 mg per dose). Remedy JBO cannabis capsules contain a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC but deliver the full range of natural cannabinoids like CBN, THC, CBC, and CBG. It’s an efficient dosing option for the modern cannabis consumer.

Sage Serenity cannabis capsule

Additionally, our Sage Serenity cannabis capsules epitomized the powerful potential of cannabis as a lifestyle aid. Designed by Remedy, these cannabis and CBD oil capsules provide pain relief and hormone-free mood enhancement for women.

Furthermore, these cannabis capsules have quickly become a signature Remedy product due to their ability to provide relief to women during pre-menstruation, menstruation, and perimenopause.

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Cannabis tinctures, an age-old medicine

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Marijuana tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts. Prior to the cannabis prohibition, marijuana tinctures were a widely popular medicine for treating headaches and menstrual cramps. Today, tinctures remain as highly-effective smokeless consumption alternatives.

A cannabis tincture is made using alcohol to extract plant materials from cannabis. Manufacturers use alcohol, such as ethanol, as a solvent to effectively break down the acidic. We also break down the basic components of cannabis to convert inactive THC-A and CBD-A into active THC and CBD through decarboxylation.

How to treat with a CBD tincture

Users will receive their tinctures in an eyedropper-like container and apply them with a dropper or syringe. Squeeze marijuana tincture drops through the dropper directly under the tongue or over food or beverage. Tinctures, like our Honey Cinnamon Tincture, are considered a low-calorie alternative to other edibles.

Absorbed through osmosis, a sublingual application starts with a 1 mL drop of the tincture under the tongue, which begins when the molecules of ethanol, THC, and CBD pass through the tongue tissue. While you can safely swallow it, the best practice is to absorb the CBD tincture through the semipermeable bloodstream barrier under the tongue.

CBD tincture effects and benefits

CBD tincture effects vary based on the application process. The amount of drops a patient needs depends on their individual endocannabinoid system, so some titration is involved. Tinctures are ideal for patients with gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, coeliac disease, and other digestive issues.

When you add a few drops to a food or drink, the effects are similar to consuming a traditional edible. The effects of a tincture last longer than smoking or vaporizing cannabis, but less than consuming an edible.

Patients who use the sublingual process experience the effects between 15 and 45 minutes. Marijuana tinctures applied sublingually bring a psychoactive effect peak after 90 minutes.

The sublingual treatment is optimal because the beneficial cannabinoids don’t come into contact with stomach acid. This process leaves the cannabis chemicals more complete and readily available for the body to utilize.

Remedy Cannabis Tinctures

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Our production and grow facility extracts the power of cannabis into effective marijuana-infused capsules and tinctures. Explore your treatment options by learning more about tinctures and our other cannabis products.