Craft Cannabis: Elevating the Marijuana Industry through Innovation and Excellence

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As the industry expands and evolves, marijuana offers more options than ever before. Do you know what sets craft cannabis apart from regular cannabis products and cultivation?

Craft Cannabis: Elevating the Marijuana Industry through Innovation and Excellence

Prior to the launch of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada, California, and a slew of other states, the average cannabis consumer didn’t really know that much about their weed. Other than a strain that may or may not be accurate, most people who purchased cannabis had no sense of where their marijuana came from, let alone the growing methods or pesticides used.

A multitude of exposées, in California and other legal cannabis markets have illustrated, cannabis crops are just as vulnerable to contamination as the foods we eat. Fortunately, the rise of regulation, especially in Nevada where state regulations are the most stringent, has empowered consumers and cultivators alike by establishing an onus and demand for high-quality cannabis products crafted with purity and potency in mind.

Elevating the Craft of Cannabis Cultivation

As a community-supported business, our cannabis production and medical marijuana cultivation facilities were opened with a mission to bring the patients from our community cannabis that was purer, stronger, and more effective than anything else on the market. Inspired by the pioneering work of the craft cannabis movement in Colorado, our approach to medical cannabis and craft marijuana means that our Remedies are the Best in the West.

What sets our Remedies apart from other medical marijuana products

At Remedy, we are proud to put more patience, care, and attention to detail into the cultivation and curing of our cannabis flower. Our stringent testing requirements and cutting-edge methods have even earned the attention of vanguards in the industry, like the GG#4 strain. Today, our craft cannabis sets itself apart in flavor, function, potency, and consistency of experience.

Because we have implemented the strictest marijuana lab-testing requirements for our products, patients and recreational marijuana consumers alike often turn to our brand as one of their trusted favorites.

Why craft cannabis is a more curative Remedy

As science and technology are employed to revolutionize and improve the cultivation and production of curative cannabis, craft cannabis is gaining popularity among patients and consumers for one very important reason: It’s better than other kinds of cannabis.

At its heart, the spirit of craft cannabis cultivation is centered on the belief that the best Remedies are crafted by taking care to ensure that the full genetic potential of each strain is preserved and delivered to our consumers. At Remedy, we believe that the power of cannabis is best unlocked when the Remedy is crafted with potency, flavor, and purity in mind.

Variety is the spice of life and the name of Remedy’s game

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By offering cannabis connoisseurs premium products through a dynamic array of strains and marijuana-infused products, craft cannabis production facilities like Remedy are the future of cannabis. Our small-batch approach to marijuana cultivation means that personalized care is put into every product so that quality is never sacrificed over quantity.

Curate the Perfect Cannabis Experience with Handcrafted Remedies

Now that you know what cannabis is and whose recreational and medical cannabis you can trust, make sure you find out which of our Nevada dispensary partners is located near you!