Extracts Academy

In a field shaped by innovation and driven by the passion of healers, Remedy is proud to participate in teaching the next generation. At Extracts Academy, our extraction instructors allow students to develop an understanding of how to make Battle Born quality cannabis concentrates.

Remedying the Quality of Your Cannabis Oil with Our Extraction Academy

Our team at the Remedy cannabis grow and production facility stationed in Nevada is so passionate about crafting marijuana products that we opened the doors of our commercial extraction laboratory to select students from across the country and around the world.

Learn the ins and outs of cannabis oil extraction in a licensed extraction facility

Are you a cannabis professional looking to elevate the foundation of your knowledge base? Are you a curious cannabis patient who wants to know more about what goes into making your Remedies? Or, are you a fellow technician looking to finetune your craft through extraction technician training?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, you would benefit from an afternoon with our team at Extracts Academy. We take students through an in-depth course that explains exactly what goes into cannabis BHO extraction.

What to expect during cannabis Extracts Academy class

While you will find yourself able to purchase extraction equipment from our partners, the main goal of our cannabis extraction academy is not to serve as a retail location. Instead, we take our students through the A to Z processes of cannabis concentrate extraction, with a particular focus on BHO extraction classes.

During the first part of the day, you’ll take part in a lecture that looks at the theory and fundamental principles of extraction. Students also receive their own copy of the Extracts Academy textbook, “Introduction to Extraction: A Guide To BHO And Beyond” in addition to notebooks for notes.

The second part of the day will be spent viewing demonstrations of live extraction, in addition to post-processing, so students learn how to achieve different consistencies for their cannabis concentrates.

While Extracts Academy’s lessons are demonstration only to remain compliant with state law, the experience has helped many in the cannabis industry elevate the products they create. In addition to gaining access to the Academy’s online resource portal, students can also take advantage of our instructors’ experiences and insight through an in-depth Q&A after each session and ongoing outreach.

Experience What Superior Remedies Taste and Feel Like

At Remedy, we believe in crafting the highest quality cannabis and cannabis oil concentrates. That’s why we take an active role in Nevada’s marijuana industry through endeavors like the Extracts Academy. As industry leaders and passionate believers in cannabis, our Remedies are truly crafted to heal.

From Cannabis to Cannabutter, Purity Is Our Promise

As Remedy partners and Extract Academy instructors, TerpX was one of the first cannabis extraction companies in Colorado to not only demand a higher standard of purity in their products, but to actually follow through. Pioneers of live hydrocarbon extraction, TerpX is one of the brands that has shaped the standard for what consumers both demand and expect from their cannabis extracts.