Marijuana FAQs

Recreational marijuana launched in July of 2017, but there’s still a lot that cannabis consumers in Nevada need to know. Get your recreational and medical marijuana FAQs answered by a truly Battle Born cannabis brand.

Recreational and Medical Marijuana FAQs

What kind of products does Remedy make?

Remedy is proud to offer our Nevada patients and cannabis consumers a wide variety of medicinal cannabis products. In addition to hand-trimmed craft cannabis flower, we also have engineered a dynamic array of products including medicated capsules, THC and CBD extracts, and a Remedy vape pen with pre-filled cartridges so you can Remedy Yourself discreetly.

Does Remedy have any CBD products?

Yes. Our mission to craft cannabis products that heal led us to cultivate and design CBD-heavy strains that our patients can consume easily, whether it be through flower or their preferred dosing method.

Where are Remedy products grown?

As the first Battle Born cannabis grow and cultivation facility in Nevada, our mission to heal is as much tied to our passion for cannabis as it is tied to our drive to help our community. We cultivate all Remedy products by hand right here in Las Vegas.

What stands out about Remedy products?

While other cannabis brands are focusing on luxury or appealing to the new recreational market, Remedy has stayed committed to handcrafting the cannabis Remedies of the future. Our goal is to highlight the therapeutic power of cannabis to enhance everyday life through creating high-quality, reliable cannabis products you can trust.

Why do patients choose to Remedy products over cannabis brands?

Attention to detail and superior cleanliness and lab-testing standards shape every aspect of our production process. Our careful attention to growing, trimming, and testing our flower means you can trust our products to provide consistent and reliable relief.

Where is it legal to purchase cannabis in Nevada?

All adults over the age of 21 with a valid, government-issued ID can legally purchase up to an ounce of cannabis flower and 3.5 grams of concentrate at a state-licensed marijuana dispensary.

Where can I find Remedy products in Nevada?

As the first Battle Born brand of premium craft cannabis and flowers, Remedy’s entire line of craft cannabis flower and products are handcrafted to heal. You can find us in four dispensary locations across the state.

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How much marijuana should I consume at a time?

Many of the marijuana edibles FAQs we often discuss with customers involve dosing. Although you may not FEEL the effects of your cannabis edible right away, remember its impacts could take anywhere from 25 minutes to three hours to appear.

Start low and slow—keep your first dose at around 10 mg and don’t dose again until you feel the effects of your first dose. Keep in mind that smoking or vaping are two of the best ways to control your dosing experience, especially if this is your first time smoking marijuana.

We are interested in carrying Remedy products. How do we place an order?

We are always looking for new partners to heal with! Please contact us.

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