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Dispensary Spotlight: Silver Sage Wellness Dispensary

At Silver Sage Wellness, the patient comes first. Passionate about patient care and providing quality Remedies, the staff at this dispensary strive to offer lab-tested medical marijuana and a world-class experience for anyone who enters their doors.

For decades, the family that began Silver Sage Wellness dispensary has been part of the Las Vegas community. Since the cannabis first started to bloom in Nevada, they’ve been excited to join the journey in educating their neighbors and patients about the healing powers of cannabis.

Why choose Silver Sage Wellness

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Not only are they firm believers in cannabis’s powerful healing capabilities, but the Silver Sage team look forward to helping each patient in medicating with marijuana every step of the way. Their mission is wellness, which means a wellness-focused lifestyle, integrating that into everything they do.

Touting some of the best specials in town, Silver Sage also has daily dispensary deals and ongoing, evergreen discounts:

  • First-time patient discount
  • Veteran & senior discounts
  • Birthday specials
  • And more!

Finding wellness and the right Remedy for any ailment is their constant priority.

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Featured Remedy products

With the widest selection of premier and essential Remedy products, there are few cannabis products you won’t find at the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary.  

This month they’re promoting some of our favorites strains, including:

If you haven’t tried these strains already, to help with stress, depression, or general pain relief, stop by Silver Sage Wellness off Charleston and Decatur to pick up your flower, topicals, or vape cartridges today.

Remedy Yourself at Silver Sage Wellness

As proud, ongoing patient advocates, find your Remedy and wellness lifestyle with the caring staff at Silver Sage Wellness. Ask about their rewards program and daily patient deals!