How to Read Cannabis Labels

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Before you medicate, you need to educate yourself on what exactly you’re consuming. While your local dispensaries, may help you choose the right product for you, how do you understand all the additional information they give you with your cannabis products? Like learning to navigate nutrient facts, discover how to read cannabis labels.


Patients and consumers will find the following on a cannabis label:

  • Lab-test results
  • Harvest batch & harvest date
  • Terpenes
  • Cannabinoids

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Lab-test results on cannabis labels

As part of our effort to set a better standard for our industry and our products, Remedy’s goal is to be the standard—as opposed to just meeting it. Our mission and promise to deliver a higher standard of service and more stringent quality assurance testing standards than any other in the cannabis industry today. The lab test is the first thing you should note on the cannabis label. It will tell you the following:

  • Strain: Type of strain will tell you if you’re familiar with certain strains and their effects on what to expect from a particular product. Depending on what you’re buying, it will also tell you when and where it grew.
  • Total THC: The available THC to the consumer and the strength of “high” they might experience.
  • CBD: Active CBD available. This is useful if you’re looking for more medicinal effects than cerebral. 
  • Pesticides: Some cannabis labels list the pesticide residue found in the bud if any. To pass, it has to be less than 0.1.
  • Compliance: All legal requirements for a safe product.

Setting higher safety standards

When cannabis production facilities became a reality in Nevada, Remedy and other cultivators welcomed the requirement of rigorous quality assurance testing of cannabis flower and products in the market.

At Remedy, our flower is not only hand-watered, picked, and trimmed to preserve product integrity but also tested for contamination, such as human pathogen, pesticides, mold, metals, and fungal contaminants. Our close attention to detail to our Battle Born crop places our high-quality marijuana products above the rest in the Silver State.

Terpenes and cannabinoids

Terpenes will tell you the taste and effects while cannabinoids will tell you the potency ratio. Are you looking for something higher in THC or CBD? Maybe a ratio of both? The terpene profile will provide whether you can expect the strain to have citrus or peppercorn flavor. Familiarize yourself with terpenes to find which ones offer the effects you may be looking for in your cannabis product.

Harvest date and harvest batch

While this may not seem crucial for you to know as a patient, it’s still important to know if you’re getting the freshest flower available. This also allows cultivators like Remedy and dispensaries to determine the life expectancy of a particular product. Just like any product, it’s important to know what batch the flower or product came from in case for any reason there’s a recall on that particular product. 

Concentrates don’t require expiration as much as flower. Prerolls can also expire and dry out if not in properly sealed containers. Properly packaged cannabis will last up to a year, most of the time, however. 

Innovating the best Remedies

The layout of our facility was specially modified to provide the safest and most efficient environment for our marijuana plants. From the moment our experts step into our cultivation center, they are required to uphold our high cleanliness standards.

During the growth stages, Remedy staff cautiously cares for the plants by means of hand trimming, hand watering, and timed light exposure. Our medical marijuana manufacturers have perfected even the amount of light exposure necessary to produce superlative cannabis. Marijuana lab testing is periodic to cultivate with quality, such as smell tests of our flowers to ensure we achieve the desired sweetness or pungency.

Our experts continue to innovate by improving growing methods through scientific experimentation.

Crafting Remedies around our patients’ needs

In addition to ensuring our flower meets and exceeds the industry’s lab-tested marijuana standards for medical and recreational marijuana, we engineer all of our cannabis products with the needs of the modern consumer in mind.

We label our cannabis products potency information and instructions to provide patients and recreational consumers with a reliable method of dosing your marijuana products. Whether your preferred strain helps you sleep or fight a migraine, our products can satisfy your needs.


At Remedy, our recreational and medical cannabis cultivators practice unparalleled cutting-edge methods to produce hand-picked, handcrafted, and lab-tested cannabis products. Innovative growing techniques and our scientific approach to cannabis yield optimal results, focusing on strength, cleanliness, and healing properties. From cannabinoid and terpene content to extraction methods, our Remedies are crafted to heal. Find out where you can find our craft cannabis products today.