How to Use a Cannabis Vape Cartridge: Step by Step Guide

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Have you ever wanted to try a cannabis vape? Are you unsure on how to use a cannabis vape cartridge? Vapes are one of the easiest, most discreet ways to consume cannabis products. With a cannabis vape cart, you won’t have to deal with the mess or struggle of rolling a joint. 

This way to consume marijuana allows you to stop vaping when you’ve reached the level of relief you need–instead of guessing with consumable products like edibles. Vapes don’t leave a lingering odor and can be quickly tucked away if needed. 

Although, there’s more to a cartridge than meets the eye.

What is a vape cartridge?

A vape cartridge is a small glass tank filled with cannabis or distillate oil. It contains an atomizer, also called a coil, to heat the oil and create vapor. The atomizer is powered by a battery that the vape cartridge connects with, and the battery can be recharged and reused.

Before you vape, however, you’ll need to understand the safe way to vape.

Are cannabis vapes safe?

Vaping is safe when using pure, regulated products, which is why being an informed cannabis consumer is crucial. 

There have been no cases of injury or illness from products coming from legal state-licensed stores across the US. Many news reports have highlighted the dangers of using black market vape pens and cartridges. These black market products are dangerous, as they use unsafe fillers like Vitamin E Oil, which may have negative pulmonary effects. 

Even within the legal cannabis industry, many still rely on unsafe PG/VG/MCT fillers. Remedy, however, has worked hard to improve the industry standard. We use an unparalleled oil purifying process, and we’ve never used fillers in our cartridges. 

We have raised the bar for vape cartridge hardware by using a 100% glass tank with a 4th generation ceramic coil to heat every hit effectively and safely. This ensures our community has access to the safest, purest cannabis vapor on the market. 

Cannabis Vaping vs. Nicotine Vaping

Cannabis vapes are vastly different from nicotine vapes. Nicotine vapes contain either freebase nicotine or nicotine salts as well as a myriad of other ingredients, such as flavoring, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, and various solvents. 

Some lesser quality cannabis vapes can have harsh additives as well. Remedy uses only the purest cannabis distillate with absolutely no fillers to ensure the safest, cleanest product for our community.

Smoking Flower vs. Using a Vape Cartridge

It’s no surprise that vape cartridges are rising in popularity due to their numerous benefits. Cannabis cartridges are cost effective because they create little start up cost. You don’t have to worry about purchasing a lighter, glassware or papers and cannabis, you just need to find a cartridge and a battery.

Another benefit to vaping is consistency – a high quality cartridge will hit the same from start to finish, but a joint or bowl may burn too hot or become harsh near the end. You can easily conceal a vape ,and the smell the vapor creates is very light, dissipating in seconds even indoors. 

Vape cartridges are especially potent as well. Cannabis flower typically tests between 20-30% THC, while vape cartridges range from 70%-90%+ THC, this means it will take less time and less hits to reach your desired effect. Overall, vape cartridges are a smart, efficient way for someone on the go to enjoy cannabis. 

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Which Vape cartridge is right for me?

Choosing the right vape cartridge for you is simple. You’ll want to look for a cartridge from a safe brand, like Remedy. Then you’ll need to read up on terpenes and which ones you may prefer.

Everyone may know THC as the main psychoactive compound creating the high you feel when using marijuana, but terpenes have a major influence as well.

Terpenes are flavor and aroma profiles found in cannabis that come together with THC or CBD to form the entourage effect. The levels of terpenes and other compounds work together to give each strain its unique high. Everyone looks for the perfect remedy that works for them and their needs, so you’ll need to identify what type of feeling you’ll want to experience. 

For example, someone who needs to find a remedy that helps them sleep may want to seek out a vape cartridge high in myrcene, a terpene known to promote deep relaxation. 

Once you have your cartridge, you’re ready to learn how to use it.

How to Use A Cannabis Vape Cartridge – A Step by Step Guide

Vape cartridges are simple to use, requiring no cleaning or complicated setups, and can be taken with you on the go wherever you may need your Remedy. Here’s how to get started using a cannabis vape:

  1. Head to your local premium dispensary and ask about available Remedy vape carts. Also, ask your budtender what type of battery would be best suited for the cartridge you’ve picked out, they will likely sell batteries at your dispensary.
  2. Take your battery and cartridge home. Use the charger included with the battery to charge it fully.
  3. Take the cartridge out of its packaging and gently screw the cartridge into the battery until secure.
  4. Put the cartridge to your lips, using it much like a straw, and take a slow, steady inhale to ensure evenly heated concentrate and a full hit of vapor. Most vape batteries will have a small button. Press this while inhaling if so. Remember to take small hits when first starting, as cannabis vapes, can be potent. 
  5. When your cartridge begins to run out of oil, you will see the cartridge empty. The remaining product may darken and hits may be hotter and potentially harsher when the cartridge finishes, depending on the quality of the cartridge.
  6. When the time comes, unscrew and discard your vape cartridge, keeping your battery. Head to the dispensary and grab a new cartridge to attach to your battery.

Discover Your Remedy Today

If you’re still unsure about which cartridge to start with, visit your cannabis dispensary and ask about Remedy vapes. Ask your budtender what kind of remedy you’re looking for or the effect you’d like to experience.