how to use cannabis tinctures

The experience of using marijuana is different for each user. While flowers remain the most common way of consuming cannabis, a range of more convenient, efficient, and discrete solutions exist today. One of the most popular ones is cannabis tinctures. 

Estimates show over 2.5% of the world’s population uses cannabis on a regular basis. In the US alone, there are nearly 5.5 million medical marijuana users. As researchers continue to discover the benefits of cannabis, these figures are expected to increase.

Learn how to use cannabis tinctures for the best results and benefits below.

What Are Cannabis Tinctures?

A Brief History

People have used herbal tinctures in traditional and modern medicine for centuries because of their precise dosage and effectiveness. 

Cannabis-infused extracts were the most popular way for patients to consume cannabis in the early 20th century before Prohibition. They even appeared in the US Pharmacopeia as a recommended treatment for a range of ailments.

Where Do Cannabis-infused Tinctures Come from?

Soaking the cannabis flower in a high-proof, alcohol-based solvent creates tinctures. The extraction process separates the natural compounds (such as terpenes and cannabinoids). 

Other ingredients might be added to improve the taste of bitter tinctures, including vegetable glycerine and sweeteners. You can find many unique tincture flavors, such as Remedy’s Honey Cinnamon Tincture.

The Benefits of Using Tinctures

For today’s cannabis users, cannabis-infused tinctures are the go-to alternative for cannabis consumption for several reasons:

How to Use Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are often associated with their popular counterpart: cannabis oils. However, the two are slightly different, and it is important to understand how to make the most of tinctures.

Choosing the Right Tincture

The first step is to choose the right tincture for your needs. Depending on the tincture you choose, you will be balancing different amounts of CBD and THC and, thus, experiencing different effects.

For example, Remedy’s Antidote CBD Tincture 20:1 offers 205m of CBD and 10mg of THC. This ratio makes it perfect for users looking to relieve chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and inflammation without dealing with the “high” commonly associated with high levels of THC.

Doing your research and working with a professional can help you understand the different effects to expect from each THC-CBD combination.

Start with Low Dosages

Once you have found a tincture that fits your expectations, look at dosages. Since tinctures are highly concentrated, the dosage you opt for will make all the difference in the effects you experience. 

Look at dosages once you have found a tincture that fits your expectations. Since tinctures are highly concentrated, the dosage you opt for will make all the difference in the effects you experience. 

Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula to find the proper dosage for your needs. That is why it is recommended users start with a low dose of 2.5 mg (as shown by a marker on the dropper). 

Keep in mind that the optimal starting dose can be as low as 0.125 mg, depending on factors. Those factors include:

You can then start increasing your dosage from your base level until you obtain the desired effects.

Place the Drops Under Your Tongue

There are multiple ways to use cannabis tinctures, but the most common ones are orally or sublingually (under the tongue).

How Long wll the Effects Last?

It is important to note when used under the tongue, the membranes inside your mouth absorb the tinctures and enter the bloodstream immediately. The tincture will take effect within 30 minutes and can last up to 3 hours. 

When taken orally, it will take longer for the tincture to work (up to 1-2 hours), but the effect can last 5-6 hours.

Another Way to Use Tinctures

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with tincture taste, you might consider adding them to your food or non-alcoholic drinks. You can even combine them with your edibles!

Consult an Expert

If you are new to cannabis products and CBD tinctures, it is essential to partner with an expert. You can work with your local dispensaries to find the right dosage, products, and consumption options for your desired benefits and effects.

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