Las Vegas Cannabis Summit Brings the Industry Together

As the first weeks of adult use cannabis sales rocked the Silver State from Sin City to Reno, Las Vegas cannabis cultivators, advocates, and industry leaders rallied to provide support, guidance, and networking opportunities through a host of educational community panels and industry events.

Vegas Cannabis Summit Brings the Local Industry Together

One cannabis community event that made local headlines was the Vegas Cannabis Summit, a two-day, two-night cannabis education event that featured panel discussions with input from industry experts in addition to a vendor trade show and concerts featuring local up-and-coming talent.

Local nonprofits and advocacy groups were also invited to help highlight the efforts of the dozens of cannabis and patient advocacy groups who have worked for years in Nevada to see the end of prohibition become a reality.

Attendees were invited to take advantage of the insight and expertise of established industry insiders as they discuss a variety of topics, including:

  • Regulation and compliance discussions at every level of production and distribution
  • Advertising, social media, marketing, and promotions
  • The continuing evolution of the legal cannabis market on a federal level
  • Ways to facilitate mainstream acceptance of the cannabis market, its entrepreneurs, investors, and creatives

Battle Born and ready to Remedy

As the first true cannabrand of the Battle Born state and leaders in industry regulation, Remedy’s own Christopher Welch was invited as a featured panelist to discuss the opportunities that marijuana growers and cultivators have to establish themselves as name brands.

Welch highlighted the efforts of cultivators and producers in the Nevada markets to exceed existing standards and keep raising the bar. Local industry leaders who sought to avoid issues experienced by other states with legalized marijuana continuously support Nevada’s standard-setting approach to cannabis regulation.

Medical marijuana Las Vegas still setting the standard

Currently, Nevada has the most stringent testing requirements of any legalized cannabis or market in the USA. The state requires recreational and medical marijuana products be regularly tested by independent laboratories and must test for microbial bacteria, pesticides, mycotoxins and heavy metals, in addition to THC potency.

While 29 states and DC all have some legal marijuana market, only a handful of states have adopted Nevada’s approach. Nevertheless, Nevada’s high standards have helped industry leaders develop high-quality products that breaking the mold and making their own.

The First Battle Born Cannabis Product  

When it comes to getting quality and variety from your favorite cannabis cultivators, Remedy is not only the first cannabis brand established in Nevada, but our battle-born brand maintains the highest testing standards in the country. Our Las Vegas cannabis cultivators create product lines with a remedy for every kind of patient or cannabis consumer.