Live Resin

Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate and vape cartridge. This type of concentrate provides an experience unlike any other before it. Discover the all-embracing vitality behind these cannabis products.


To create cannabis concentrates, there’s an extraction process using the latest technology and freshly, hand-trimmed flower. While there are different ways to extract, the term “cannabis concentrates” typically encompasses a variety of products, including shatter, wax, crumble, and more. For example, at Remedy’s cultivation, we craft our concentrates through a butane extraction process, allowing for a solvent-free end product.

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So what makes live resin so special? Maintaining complete flavor and integrity, live resin possesses all the effects of the cannabis plant. It leaves out the PG or PGR, aka propylene glycol, and plant growth regulators. This means the best vapes of this kind only have the purest properties. The final resulting resin is the purest plant possible with divine potency and no additives.

What makes this approach to extraction so unique is that no time lapses between harvesting, freezing, and extraction. Moreover, this approach offers a vitality that other concentrates or oil cartridges may not pertain to the essence to offer.

By allowing little or no time to pass between harvest and extraction, cultivators can prevent degradation and capture the full essence of the cannabis plant for their products.


Where and how did live resin come about?

Planted and grown between 2011-2013 in Colorado, master cultivators began working with an approach to cannabis extraction that took freshly harvested marijuana and froze it to subcritical temperatures before beginning the extraction process.

These Colorado-based cultivators eventually developed extraction methods that produced concentrates brimming with significant levels of terpenes, higher than the extracts produced using cured resins.

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After years of crafting, testing, and consuming, the process is near perfection. (We say near because we believe in leaving room for innovation and making the finest product available.)

Why choose live resins?

Why should the experienced or novice cannabis consumer care about this particular concentrate? If the process alone doesn’t entice you, consider the end-to-end experience of live resin vs. the typical oil cartridge or concentrate.

While the effects of your everyday vape are nothing to frown upon, the live resin vape takes the experience a step further. As mentioned earlier, the terpene profile is not only more complete with this type of concentrate, but its efficacy also might have you re-considering your primary consumption methods.

Types of oil cartridges, vapes

Fresh from our own cultivation, Remedy creates its resins from some of the most popular strains in Nevada and beyond. Try these vape oil cartridges the next time you visit one of these dispensaries.

Types of live resin concentrates

You can also get Remedy’s live resin concentrates in concentrate sugars and sauces. 


Because the team at Remedy believes in continual innovation and providing premium marijuana products to patients and users, we’re proud to share our well-crafted live resin oil cartridges with our cannabis community.