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Our cannabis strains are some of the first and most trusted in Nevada. At Remedy, we handcraft every crop of cannabis flower with a standard-setting quality you deserve. Learn more about our hand-trimmed flower with this cannabis strain guide.


The different kinds of strains come from different marijuana plants. Some strains have uplifting effects while others have calming results. While others, offer both. Depending on your experience, tolerance, and preference, you can find the Remedy strain right for you.


Sativa strains

These plants have longer flowering cycles, have thinner leaves, and end up taller than their sisters. Sativas satisfy the creative thirst with their uplifting effects. In the same vein, they positively influence social anxiety and productivity.

Featured Cannabis Sativa Strains

Indica strains

On the other hand, where sativa lifts up, indica strains sedate. Often great for treating insomnia or general relaxation, indicas provide more body healing than head healing like sativas. These plants generally grow shorter and have fatter leaves. 

Featured Cannabis Indica Strains

Hybrid strains

Looking for the best of both worlds? Hybrids are popular due to their balance natures but dynamic flavors. Hybrids combine attributes from the parent strains of indica and sativa strains to create something new. However, some creations are dominant in one type than the other. So make sure you read the cannabis labels.

Featured Cannabis Hybrid Strains

Now you know the different types of strains. Let’s learn more about the Remedy difference.


Community members and patient advocates founded Remedy. Because of our foundational mission, we passionately invest in our standards to provide high-quality and effective medicine.

Harnessing the healing power of cannabis through selective breeding

At our facilities, we select only the highest caliber of cannabis flower for growing. Because of our stringent internal quality standards, Remedy can provide potent and consistent cannabis products customers can trust.

Above all, we craft our marijuana products with the needs of patients and consumers in mind. To that end, we implement selective breeding techniques to better craft the responsive and dynamic Remedies modern cannabis consumers demand.

Hand-selected and hand-trimmed by a master grower

Remedy growers monitor and track every plant carefully. In other words, our hand cultivation and trimming standards mean our master growers attend to each plant, and each crop’s needs individually.

Moreover, the practice of hand trimming preserves the integrity of our flower before we craft it into Remedies. Through our innovative growing techniques, we finetune the science of crafting the purest Remedy. Our approach focuses on potency, healing efficacy, and cleanliness.

A higher standard

By combining the avant-garde techniques, we proudly cultivate and nurture the best craft cannabis flower possible. Before a Remedy product hits a dispensary shelf, we put it through a rigorous series of tests—both state-mandated and internal.

As a result, each cannabis product we craft is tested for potency, pesticides, and residual solvents.


Find your favorite Remedy strain at one of Nevada’s recreational dispensaries