Meet Remedy’s New Cultivation Director: Hassan Khalatbari

Remedy's new cultivation director Hassan Khalatbari

Remedy first emerged as the “Battle Born” brand of premier cannabis products in the legalized, well-behaved West in 2015. In the spring of 2019, Nevada’s favorite premium marijuana cultivator enters our next exciting chapter. Having established renowned and respected roots within the community, the cultivation is primed for the next step. At the helm in Remedy’s latest adventure is Hassan Khalatbari, the new Cultivation Director and Master Grower.

Meet Hassan Khalatbari: Remedy’s Cultivation Director

Hailing from Nebraska, Khalatbari brings a network of talent and expertise to Nevada’s blooming industry. But Hassan isn’t actually new to Remedy, having assisted with our inaugural harvest.

Khalatbari has been in the industry since 2011, starting as a trimmer in Denver, Colorado, at Denver Relief. He moved up the ranks and joined the consulting group of the same name, later consulting with Nevada groups, including Remedy and Silver Sage Wellness. Hassan also helped launch Cresco Labs in Illinois, establishing standard operating procedures and genetics, much of which they still have to this day.

After Denver Relief was sold to Willie Nelson’s brand, the cultivator found his way back home, far and away from the east coast.

Remedy Cultivation: Leveling up and Growing up

As the adage goes, with great flower comes great responsibility. “I’ve learned that we’re not in the weed business but the compliance business,” says Khalatbari on his industry experience. “You can have the best [cannabis] but if you’re not compliant, you’re not going to make it.”

Having returned home, Khalatbari hopes to continue what’s already begun and take the flower into a stage of unmitigated growth, reaching past silver state lines and into fresh markets. “It’s a brand with purpose,” he states about what drew him back to the battle born brand.

The new director is on the “pheno hunt” but is still excited to continue Remedy’s more popular strain Bio Jesus, “[there’s] nothing truly like it,” as well as a slew of others, including renowned strains like Durban Poison and Bio-Diesel.

The Remedy Mission Remains

The Nevada-born brand has always strived to revolutionize the way many encounter and use the self-remedying plant, and we have just scratched the surface. Remedy’s goal is to continue to produce quality—and compliant—product to the general public and the connoisseur, empowering individuals to own their remedying and the healthy lifestyle.

The mission remains the same: to intentionally hand pick, to carefully hand trim, and skillfully handcraft the highest quality “Remedies.”