Nevada’s Green Rush: Why Our Laws May Lead the Way

On Saturday, July 1, Nevada launched recreational marijuana sales, and at least in Las Vegas, we celebrated the launch citywide. In fact, by the end of that first weekend of recreational marijuana sales in the state, the cannabis industry earned more than $500,000, propelling the hopes for Nevada cannabis laws to set the stage for a new Green Rush era. 

Nevada Cannabis Laws Usher in a New Era

More important than the economic benefits, Remedy and dozens of Las Vegas medical marijuana dispensaries opened their doors to responsible adult use consumers and patients. They gained access to the best marijuana in the country and perhaps the world.

Las Vegas marijuana sets a higher standard for consumers AND patients

From both legislative and business perspectives, industry leaders in Nevada, like Remedy, have demanded that we set and maintain the highest standards, regulations, and testing not only for cannabis products but for the market itself.

As the nascent marijuana industry blooms throughout dozens of states, Nevadan lawmakers and industry leaders watched and learned for almost 20 years while experiments in other states encountered their moments of triumph and failure. This willingness to learn from other experiences is why Nevada cannabis laws currently incorporate the best—and most stringent—regulations in its own approach to cannabis legalization.

Are Las Vegas drug laws clearing the way for the next green rush?

Learning from other states, local cannabis industry and lawmakers willingly embraced a tight set of Nevada cannabis laws aimed at protecting patients and adult use consumers alike. And, at least in Sin City, the demand has been high.

Since opening up the cannabis market to include recreational or adult use cannabis consumers, more visitors than ever are worried about where they can purchase and consume marijuana. Ironically, the industry set to benefit the most from tourist-friendly cannabis use laws in Las Vegas, the gaming industry, has maintained a strict anti-pot stance.

Currently, all resort-casinos have bannned marijuana use. Despite a recently published legal opinion stating that municipalities have the right to develop their consumption lounge laws, there are no state regulations currently in place that would allow for cannabis consumption inside any place of business.

Until Federal or Nevada cannabis laws change, millions of tourists, including out of state medical patients, do not have a place to legally consume the cannabis they purchase at a medical or recreational dispensary.

Still learning from the missteps of other states

Despite the demand from the public and the community, Las Vegas officials decided to wait for Denver, which does have marijuana lounge laws, to approve the country’s first cannabis clubs before further discussing the licensing and regulation of pot lounges in Las Vegas.

According to commissioner James Gibson, Nevadan lawmakers want to get it right, like the state did with Nevada recreational dispensaries.

“I don’t know if we need to be first or not, I don’t see any reason why we have to be the first, but we certainly have to be right,” he said. “We have to make sure that when we do our part, we’re entirely consistent, we’re thorough in the way we’ve done it [and] we don’t make for ourselves a mess that it would take years to get out of.”

Remedy Yourself with the Best of the Battle Born State

As the state watches and learns from the trial and errors of other cannabis markets, make sure you medicate with the best Remedies. Check out our products pages to learn more about the remedies crafted by our state-of-the-art medical marijuana cultivation facilities and where you can find them!