With the advances in growing and producing cannabis, patients may find different ways to Remedy themselves. In other words, we provide different ways to consume marijuana like cannabis-infused products so you can find the right product for your specific needs.

What Are Cannabis-Infused Products?

Cannabis-infused often entails that the product, food, edible, or lotion contains marijuana. Unlike flower or prerolls, however, these types of Remedies don’t offer tons of THC and offer alternatives to smoking.

What Is Infused Cooking?

Often, people infuse their foods with cannabis like in cookies or butter. The difference between infused cooking and infused products is that the balm or capsule comes prepackaged and with the recommended dosage. Additionally, it’s difficult to dose with infused cooking.

Remedy grows and crafts premium infused products, including balms, capsules, applicators, and more.

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