THC Vape Oil

As craft cannabis cultivators obsessed with designing the purest Remedies, we are proud to offer superior THC vape oil & state-of-the-art vape cartridges.

Discover the difference the latest technology with the purest oil can make!

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Educate before you vape

When choosing the vape pen refill right for you, consider the dynamism of the accessory and the product. We only implement the most cutting-edge and all-natural extraction techniques to ensure the purest craft cannabis oil and no harmful residues.

Vape pens offer another way for cannabis consumers to dose in more functional and healthful ways.

Why choose Remedy THC vape oil?

While many may rely on unsafe PG/VG/MCT fillers, Remedy has worked hard to improve the industry standard. We sought relentlessly for a cartridge design adequate for our unparalleled oil purifying process. Here’s how our cartridges differ from others:

  • 100% glass tank.
  • 4th generation ceramic coil to heat every hit effectively.
  • Altogether improved design with the user in mind.

With our hardware design, users get the most out of our staple, superior oil. Void of any unnecessary chemicals or additives, our vape oil is one of the purest of its kind so you get exactly what you want out of your cartridge.

  • Remedy has never used fillers and never will.
  • Cleanest distillate for those who care about what they consume.
  • No oil comes into contact with any metal, providing the purest vapor.
  • A consistent temperature with each pull.

See all of our select strain flavors crafted from our premium cannabis flower.

Remedy Yourself with Our Vape Cartridge Refill

With various options available, you can customize your medication to your needs.

*Cannabis vaporizers are not the same as e-cigarettes*

Educate yourself on Remedy vapes and vaping safely.

From regular THC vape cartridges to SkyResin cartridges, Remedy produces premium cannabis vapes for the new and everyday consumer.

  • Regular THC Vape Oil Cartridges
  • Disposable Vape Oil Cartridges
  • SkyResin Vape Oil Cartridges

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