Deadhead OG

This sativa-dominant hybrid boosts mood while helping users to remain alert and active. The flavor profile has a few things in common with its unmistakable aroma. By adding in pine with a twist of spiciness, Deadhead OG follows the expected with the unexpected. An intensely pungent and earthy taste reaches the palate first.

Introducing the mind-altering hybrid strain

Deadhead OG is a West Coast favorite and a Remedy exclusive. It reflects the uplifting yet laidback spirit of its regional home. Master breeder, Skunk VA of Cali Connection Seeds, created this mild-altering hybrid strain by crossing two popular strains: Chemdawg 91 and SFV OG Kush. This intensely pungent strain is known for its earthy and piney smell and taste.

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Deadhead OG Attributes

Lineage: Chemdawg 91 and SFV OG Kush
Top Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Pinene
Great For: Easing Anxiety or Tension, Depression, Stress, Mild-Moderate Aches and Pains
Remedies featuring: Pre-rolls, Hand-trimmed Flower


This flower has an incredibly unique look. The nugs proudly display a deep green hue enriched with dark blue undertones. Intense blood-orange colors with the trichomes give Deadhead OG a slightly lighter, more yellow color overall. This strain is a favorite for anyone seeking an increase in focus coupled with pain relief. deadhead og strain

Deadhead OG Effects

Patients and recreational users enjoy this strain as a quick way to relieve stress, improve mood, and renewed focus. The long-lasting effects of this strain treat a variety of mental illnesses and mild aches and pains.

Deadhead OG offers a relaxed body feel often accompanied by a stimulating cerebral high. With the effects lasting for several hours, users commonly experience euphoria and amusement. Remarkably effective at calming muscles and jitters, this flower is often recommended for patients suffering from chronic depression, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and pain.

However, novice cannabis consumers should beware of this strain. True to its namesake, this hybrid strain has caused slight headaches.


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