Infused Prerolls by Remedy

Remedy’s latest cannabis creation, Infusions, offers the best blend of both worlds: concentrates and premium flower.

First Infused Preroll of Its Kind

Infusions originate from our own SkyResins process, an extract named after the creator and lead extractor Skyler. This is the first infused preroll of its kind. The advantage of Infusions lies in the ideal combination of our premium flower and SkyResins.

Consumers get the best of both worlds in one inhale with Remedy’s infused preroll.

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Infusions Attributes

Remedies featuring: Pre-rolls, Hand-trimmed Flower

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Infused prerolls are convenient in size and consumption. Many veteran smokers can enjoy this product anywhere where it’s safe and legal to do so. Rolled into branded paper, the nugs and concentrate finish are then hand packaged for reliable freshness.

Flavor & Aroma

The flavor and aroma vary for Infusions. In other words, it will depend on the type of strain or strength of the THC volume. Since we make all our prerolls out of premium plant material, similar tastes recur complemented by SkyResin sampled undertones. Because of this exclusive mix of nugs and extracts, Infusions offer an altogether fresh experience with familiar hints of flavors many have come to love.

Infused Prerolls Effects

Because of our various high testing and terpene-rich strains, patients often use our products to remedy anxiety and stress. Furthermore, Infusions tend to test higher than regular prerolls, it is not recommended for new cannabis users, especially if it’s their first time trying prerolls.


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