Island Sweet Skunk

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Island Sweet Skunk earns its name from its unmistakably sweet-yet-skunky aroma. Also commonly referred to as Sweet Island Skunk, or ISS, for short, this strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is well-liked for its energetic effects and is outstanding at providing a full-bodied pain relief.

Discover the energy and pain relief to be productive

Island Sweet Skunk is a Canadian strain originating in Vancouver Island, British Columbia where it grew for decades. This sativa-dominant strain reaches top THC levels of 19% making it a potent Remedy for low mood. This mysterious hybrid is a mix of Skunk #1, Sweet Skunk, and an unknown sativa.

Island Sweet Skunk Attributes

  • Sativa-dominant Hybrid
  • Lineage: Skunk #1, Sweet Skunk, and an unknown sativa
  • Top Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene
  • Great For: Easing Anxiety or Tension, Depression, Migraines, Nausea, Nerve Pain, Gastrointestinal Disorders

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The loose and fluffy nugs of Island Sweet Skunk dazzle with a brilliant covering of trichomes. A bright, bold green is dotted with hairs that bear a vibrant yellow-orange hue. Island Sweet Skunk’s signature scent is pungent and easily recognized. Sweet, fruity smells like grapefruit are noticed immediately, followed by a musky skunk, almost pine-like aroma.

Island Sweet Skunk Effects

If you’re in need of pain relief that still allows you to be productive, then this is exactly the strain what you want. Island Sweet Skunk is known to have very energizing effects, much like you would expect from a sativa-dominant strain. It offers a boost of focus and creativity, making it excellent for daytime use. Expect the strain to leave you happy, euphoric, energetic, and uplifted.

This strain is commonly used for treating stress, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, arthritis, and appetite loss.

1 review for Island Sweet Skunk

  1. Nathan C.

    Powerful medicine. *Due to potency, not a beginner stain* The aroma is unique but pleasant. It’s a combination of sweet-smelling fruit and skunk. The taste is a sweet, smooth fruit flavor that washes over your taste buds with a nice skunky finish on the exhale. You feel it right away in your head, giving you a light-headed intensity that could be interpreted as being dizzy, melting into a euphoric, uplifted head high. But that’s not all this strain has to offer, as you start to get a tingling sensation in your limbs, as stress and tension just melt away. Giving you relief from tense muscles, stress, pain, and depression. Then, just as you thought you’ve experienced everything this strain has to offer, a whole new level of high sets in taking you to amazing heights. Allowing the effects to last for hours. In all, I could not recommend this strain enough! This is going to be a strain I seek out to purchase for the foreseeable future.

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