Las Vegas Kush Cake

The Las Vegas Kush Cake strain is smooth hitting with euphoric and tranquilizing effects. An Indica-dominant strain with a lot to offer, LV Kush Cake is the ideal option for anyone seeking deep relaxation during their downtime.

This strain is particularly popular in the medical marijuana community with those who require assistance sleeping and tackling insomnia symptoms.

What to Expect: Fast Hitting and Deep Relaxation

Las Vegas Kush Cake strain provides an intense, euphoric cerebral rush that instantly hits you. A sense of deep relaxation and an intense state of mental tranquility follows.

An ideal strain for before bed, this benefits anyone who wants to unwind.


Las Vegas Kush Cake Attributes

Top Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Caryophyllene
Great For: Pain Relief, Easing Anxiety or Tension, Insomnia
Remedies featuring: Hand-trimmed Flower


When looking for Las Vegas Kush Cake, expect a beautiful flower with green and purple buds covered in frosty trichomes. In terms of taste, you can expect something reminiscent of creamy cookies and cakes. It has a well-rounded, bold, and loud aroma.

LV Kush Cake Effects & Benefits

This flower is perfect for anyone looking to slow the pace of life, disconnect, and relax. This Indica-dominant strain quickly encourages a wavy feeling.

The strain’s high THC percentage provides a profoundly relaxed sensation, soothing both body and mind. You may find that life begins to feel like it is in slow motion.

  • Lineage: unknown
  • Aromas: earthy and gassy

Typical THC Levels*

  • 25% – 30%


  • Deeply relaxing
  • Mental tranquility
  • Slows speech


  • Helps ease insomnia and anxiety
  • Reduces pain
  • Fast-acting

*Results vary.


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