NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is a hybrid strain that favors more of its Sativa side with its cerebral effects. Nine-time award-winning and relaxing, this strain allows for a gradual relaxation while frequently leaving users paranoia-free.

Originating from Mexican and Afghani parents, New York Diesel does more than relaxes but also provides a bit of energy and happiness. Rumor has it that the first seeds came from the Empire State itself, giving the flower its namesake.


NYC Diesel Attributes

Top Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool
Great For: Pain Relief, Easing Anxiety or Tension, Depression, Anxiety
Remedies featuring: Hand-trimmed Flower


NYC Diesel nugs have energetic colors of orange and green, reminiscent of its effects and flavors.

NYC Diesel Aroma & Flavor

This popular flower has significant lime and other enticing citrus aromas with a gentle reminder of its signature diesel bouquet. New York City Diesel often tastes zesty and sweet with an unhurried THC potency.


As mentioned previously, most report having little paranoia effects with this strain. Because patients often feel uplifted with a side of bonus energy, this strain makes for an excellent social outing companion. Since it has a high THC volume, this flower may help Remedy depression, pain management, and anxiety.


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