Strawberry Glue

Enjoy the latest irresistible hand-trimmed hybrid: Strawberry Glue. From parent strains GG#4 & Strawberry Diesel, this indica dominant hybrid for experienced smokers is a popular evening strain from Dark Horse genetics.


Strawberry Glue Attributes

Great For: Chronic pain, Nausea, Anxiety
Remedies featuring: Hand-trimmed Flower


Because of its lineage, the Strawberry Glue flower showcases light green buds with gentle berry undertones.

Strawberry Glue Strain Effects

The taste includes the obvious hint of strawberry but also the gassy notes you’d expect from Original Glue and a diesel parent. Many users experience all of the unique flavors and effects this strain offers, including a balanced uplifting feeling. While slightly sweeter and spicier than most strains, this flower provides a relaxing high for both the mind and body. This Remedy is good for chronic pain and anxiety. It is not often recommended for new smokers due to its high THC potency.


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