Zkittles Vape Oil Cartridge

A deliciously powerful cross of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, Zkittlez vape oil cartridge packs a powerful herbal, tropical fruity flavor. This indica-dominant oil also offers a strong fruity aroma.

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Zkittles Vape Oil Cartridge Attributes

  • Top Terpenes: Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Great For: Chronic pain, Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety

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Aroma and Flavor

High in beta-caryophyllene, this particular vape oil blend improves focus and rest with soothing, happy effects.

Zkittles Vape Oil Effects

This particular product is a great choice for patients suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

Ingredients: In house, high purity distilled THC distillate and botanical terpenes


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