As a Battle Born brand, Remedy is passionate about crafting premium cannabis products for our patients and recreational customers in Las Vegas and beyond.

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Crafting Quality Cannabis Products at Remedy

When we set out to develop the first Battle Born marijuana products brand in Nevada, improving the quality of life of the clientele we served was our North Star. That’s why we selectively breed each of our craft cannabis strains and cultivate each by hand. To create our cannabis products, we implement the most stringent growing and production standards in the industry.

Dynamic Remedies through selective breedingremedy products

Simply put, selective breeding is what has led to the astounding array of cannabis strains and hybrids you can pick from and enjoy in today’s cannabis marketplace. If you’re wondering what to buy at a dispensary, look no further than Remedy products—from cultivating iconic strains like Blue Dream or Original Glue to developing a line of CBD Remedy products, our brand crafts premium cannabis products on the market.

The importance of hand-grown, lab-tested marijuana products

Our dedication to creating quality Remedies that patients and cannabis consumers can trust begins with our growing process. Our growers carefully monitor and track the development of each plant. Not only is our team expertly trained to guarantee that our plants’ needs are met, but we also hand trim every batch to preserve flower and trichrome integrity after harvest.

To ensure only quality batches make it to our production facilities, Remedy craft cannabis strains and marijuana products are lab-tested to ensure quality every step of the way. As the medical marijuana product brand with the strictest testing standards in the most regulated cannabis market in the country, every part of the production process reflects our commitment to quality.

Choose how to Remedy Yourself

In addition to insisting on the most stringent growing and production standards for our craft cannabis strains and marijuana products, we also strive to provide our clientele with a dynamic array of products to match their needs and dosing preferences. Remedy also crafts a host of concentrates, capsules, edibles, tinctures, and ointments designed to deliver swift and consistent relief.

If you’re wondering ‘is there a CBD store near me,’ you’ll be glad to know our CBD products are in various Las Vegas marijuana dispensaries.

Find Your Remedy Products at Las Vegas Marijuana Dispensaries

At Remedy, we believe our patients and recreational cannabis customers deserve a line of products they can trust. Our marijuana products are handcrafted with your needs in mind—find your Remedy today!

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