Whether or not you’re a regular cannabis consumer, you’ve likely heard about cannabis concentrates. This umbrella term describes a host of different cannabis concentrates, including substances like cannabis wax, shatter, kief, hash, live resin, vape cartridges, and much more. Learn how the legalization of cannabis allows production facilities like Remedy shape the future of cannabis consumption.

Remedy Yourself with Pure and Potent Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates typically refers to any marijuana product created or obtained through an extraction process. Depending on the facility, marijuana production houses use solvents butane, CO2, and ethanol to strip all compounds from the cannabis plant that aren’t cannabinoids. The product ‘left behind’ after extraction is a highly concentrated form of all the cannabinoids and terpenes that were at the factory.

Methods of Creating Cannabis Concentrates

Although there are various ways of extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis, our marijuana cultivation and production facility implements methods that produce solvent-free cannabis oils and marijuana concentrates. At Remedy productions, we craft our cannabis concentrates through a superior CO2 extraction process allowing for the cultivation of a product that free of harmful solvent residue.

What is CO2 extraction and why does it make better Remedies?

Although humans have used cannabis perennially as a therapeutic and recreational Remedy, the newly legal status of cannabis in states across the USA has changed the game when it comes to marijuana concentrates and cannabis-infused products. The development of cannabis extraction technologies, particularly when it comes to CO2 extraction technology and techniques means that CO2 extracted cannabis concentrates can provide you a cleaner, safer, and tastier cannabis concentrate.

In addition to creating a cleaner product, CO2 extracted cannabis oils are also highly customizable. That means Remedy and our partners can craft pure cannabis extracts with any consistency under the moon.

Whether you’re looking for cannabis oil, shatter, wax, or budder, Remedy cannabis cultivators have mastered the variances of temperature, pressure, and solvent that are needed to craft a variety of effective and pure cannabis oil Remedies.

Because of its dynamism, cannabis connoisseurs far and wide agree that CO2 extraction technology will be key to developing our understanding of the therapeutic potential of different cannabinoids and how they work together.

Going ‘live’ with Terpx cannabis concentrates

In addition to implementing only the cleanest methods of extracting cannabis, Remedy has also partnered with leaders in the industry who are committed to providing their patients and consumers with clean, high-quality cannabis Remedies.

TerpX, a Colorado-based marijuana concentrate company, has made a name for itself in CO for providing connoisseur quality ‘live’ cannabis concentrates to patients and consumers.

What are ‘live’ cannabis concentrates?

Developed between 2011-2013 in Colorado, master cultivators began working with an approach to cannabis extraction that took freshly harvested marijuana and froze it to subcritical temperatures before beginning the extraction process. What makes this approach to extraction so unique is that no time is allowed to lapse between harvesting, freezing, and extraction.

By allowing little or no time to pass between harvest and extraction, cannabis manufacturers and cultivators like Remedy and Terpx can prevent degradation and capture the full essence of the cannabis plant for their products.

What is the difference between resin, wax, and budder?

Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or neophyte (newbie), you’ve likely noticed a slew of different adjectives being used to describe cannabis concentrates. Words like wax, shatter, resin, budder, crumble, and sugar are merely used about the consistency of the end product.

Depending on the technique, extraction method, and the cannabis getting processed, craft cannabis cultivators like Remedy and Terpx use propriety techniques to provide our clientele with a dynamic variety of cannabis Remedies.

Remedy Yourself with the Future of Cannabis, Today

The future of cannabis concentrates s being crafted while you read this; whether you’re looking for CO2 oil or your next cannabis vape cartridge, you can find your handcrafted Remedy in a Nevada marijuana dispensary near you.