Remedy Product 101: Sage Serenity Capsules

Created by Remedy to provide pain relief and mood enhancement to women, Sage Serenity is perfect for the monthly issues that women experience. The recommended dosage is 1 capsule twice daily but, as always, start slow and be careful. This product does not contain hormones and would be safe for a male to consume.


Sage Serenity Capsules are plain in appearance, with a red and white casing. The pills are non-descript, ultimately helping you to medicate discreetly.


When sealed in the container, the Sage Serenity Capsules can produce a very faint, almost floral aroma. However, once they are removed from the bottle, there is virtually no noticeable scent.


Because Sage Serenity comes in capsule form, there is little to no flavor. Capsules are the chosen method of ingestion for patients who prefer not to taste the cannabis.


Sage Serenity is a signature Remedy product for the purpose of giving pain relief and mood enhancement to women during pre-menstruation, menstruation, and pre-menopause. The pain relief aspect works exceptionally well – cramps, headaches, back pain and PMS do not stand a chance!

CBD: 20-25mg THC: 4mg


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