Remedy Strain 101: 707 Headband

A well balanced hybrid strain, 707 Headband is known for providing users with a clear-headed, cerebral high that pairs perfectly with it’s deeply relaxing body high. 707 Headband is an incredibly reliable strain, that most patients will come back for again and again.


707 Headband is more on the dense side, with a pleasantly compact bud size. Vibrant orange and red hairs can be seen poking out from beneath the rich, olive green leaves. An abundance of creamy trichomes give 707 Headband an almost all-white look.


707 Headband has quite a cheery scent, touting notes of sour citrus with hints of fuel. Towards the end, you’ll notice a deep, earthy, pine smell that continues to linger around.


Prepare yourself for a robust and full-flavored experience with 707 Headband. A rich, organic earthiness is balanced out with the pungent taste skunky diesel.


707 Headband offers benefits of both indicas and sativas, allowing for a relaxed body-high in conjunction with a “heady” creative high. Known for providing a well-balanced sensation, 707 Headband it great for relieving tension and anxiety, as well as stress and depression.

What’s In A Name?

With an interesting strain, comes an interesting name. 707 Headband derives its name from two places, the first being the area code of Humboldt County, where it originated. The “headband” title is inspired by users commonly feeling as if they’re wearing an actual headband, due to the strong cerebral high.

Remedy trims all flower by hand, in order to preserve flower and trichome integrity.


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