Remedy Strain 101: Bio-Diesel

Finding balance can be difficult, but with Bio-Diesel you’re good to go. While delivering a sensation that is equal parts indica and sativa, Bio-Diesel manages to stay intense and balanced. A quick, speedy sativa start will gradually fade into numbing relaxation. The hybrid effects of Bio-Diesel make this strain a reliable choice for both mental and physical relief.


Bio-Diesel nugs are fluffier than you’d expect, with a beautiful dark olive-green coloring. Purple undertones appear throughout, as well as on the leaves. Long, thin, amber hairs are present underneath the thick covering of trichomes that Bio-Diesel displays.


A clear scent of fuel can be immediately detected upon inhale, with hints of coffee undertones, giving Bio-Diesel an aroma reminiscent of raw cocoa. The pure fuel smell is balanced out with a splash of citrus and light sweetness.


Bio-Diesel offers a unique and pungent flavoring. It begins with a sweet, almost minty taste, which is nicely followed up with a woody pine-like aftertaste.


Bio-Diesel starts out with a fast-acting sativa onset, which slowly transitions into a painless relaxing sensation. Described as stimulating yet meditative, patients report feeling wide-awake and euphoric. Bio-Diesel is excellent for treating PTSD, chronic pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

What’s In A Name?

Bio-Diesel is the result of crossing the Sour Diesel strain with the Sensi Star strain, the former lending part of its name to this robust strain.

Remedy trims all flower by hand, in order to preserve flower and trichome integrity.

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