Remedy Strain 101: Cadillac Purple

Cadillac Purple is an outstanding strain for anyone that would benefit from a relaxed, meditative state. This indica-dominant strain can be a creeper, meaning that the effects may take slightly longer to be felt.


Cadillac Purple flowers are a classic beauty, with vibrant gem tones woven throughout. The nugs are a deep, lush green that is dotted with endless flecks of purple hues. The frosting on the cake however, is the impressive trichome coating that covers Cadillac Purple buds.


The fragrance of Cadillac Purple is something you’d expect from a simply pretty flower. Often appropriately described as floral, most users will also compare it to a favorite perfume. Cadillac Purple also boasts a sweet, grape scent that nicely translates into the flavor.


The flavor of Cadillac Purple picks up right where the aroma leaves off, with a distinct grape. A bold, sweet berry is tasted next, bringing Cadillac Purple to a pleasant and tasty end.


Experience a deep body relaxation and intense pain relief with Cadillac Purple. The calming and soothing sensation may be helpful to patients suffering from insomnia. Best suited for nighttime use, Cadillac Purple is commonly used to treat stress, depression, anxiety, and anorexia.

What’s In A Name?

The attention-grabbing name of Cadillac Purple borrows somewhat from its parent strains,

Purple Urkle, The Black, and Blackberry Kush.

Remedy trims all flower by hand, in order to preserve flower and trichome integrity.

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