Remedy Strain 101: King Tut OG

King Tut OG is surprisingly rare, sativa-dominant, hybrid strain. Many of those sativa traits can be contributed the King Tut OG’s legendary parentage. As a descendent of the AK-47 strain, King Tut OG takes inspiration in the flavor and aroma categories.


Unexpectedly airy to the touch, King Tut OG is a light green in appearance with pale amber-colored hairs. The gentle coloring is likely due to the trichomes that liberally sprinkle the surface of King Tut OG.


This strain hints towards its ancestry with this familiar, yet diluted scent. King Tut OG delivers a subtly sour, skunky smell that is undoubtedly inherited from the AK-47 strain.


The flavors of King Tut OG are a softer version of the gently pronounced fragrance. It begins with the crisp, sweet taste of fresh fruit, followed by a similarly floral flavor. King Tut OG leaves an aftertaste that is likened to an enjoyable mild earthiness.


The sativa-heavy effects of King Tut OG offer balanced relief from mental stressors. With an upbeat cerebral high, you can expect to feel happy and energized while also pain-free. King Tut OG is effective at treating depression, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, and even nausea.

What’s In A Name?

Originally created by Pyramid Seeds, there is no question that the name “King Tut OG” is a perfect moniker. This strain is also known as “Tutankhamon” in regards to the notable Egyptian pharaoh.

Remedy trims all flower by hand, in order to preserve flower and trichome integrity.

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