Remedy Strain 101: OG 18

Excellent for evening and nighttime use, OG 18 is a phenotype of OG Kush. This indica-dominant hybrid has strong relaxing properties that allow it to be incredibly effective at treating physical chronic pain.


OG 18 buds are incredibly dense and thick nugs, surprisingly larger than OG Kush buds. With a soft, light green appearance, the peach colored hairs gently poke out between the sugary leaves. Expect OG 18 buds to have a glittering white surface due to the extensive trichomes.


Most noticeable is the extreme sour odor that OG 18 possesses. It starts out as a bittersweet, lemon scent but soon takes on pungent, earthy tones akin to pine. Some patients also describe the striking aroma of OG 18 as dank and musky.


Though OG 18 carries quite an intoxicating and intense scent, the taste buds are in for a little break. The flavor profile of OG 18 actually mirrors its aroma – as in your first taste is the rich, earthy notes of fresh soil. Next, you’ll discover hints of a savory diesel kush that are present. Subtly sour undertones appropriately round out OG 18’s delectable taste.


The effects of OG 18 are felt almost immediately – starting with a lovely all-around body high, accompanied by a euphoric feeling. OG 18 acts well as a long-lasting sedative and offers patients relief from chronic pain, muscle tension, stress, nausea, and insomnia.

What’s In A Name?

Though it is most commonly referred to as OG #18, “Private Reserve” is another name that it is known by.

Remedy trims all flower by hand, in order to preserve flower and trichome integrity.

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