Remedying the Las Vegas Community with Cannabis

Although man consumers and patients both enjoy Remedy products, the mission of marijuana dispensaries and medical marijuana manufacturers is to help heal our communities from the inside out. Learn more about how cannabis businesses like Remedy in Las Vegas are giving back.

Cannabis Businesses Seek to Cultivate Their Community, Too

The compassionate crusade that is the fight against cannabis prohibition is fundamental to our mission at Remedy in Las Vegas. We firmly believe in the therapeutic potential and the healing power of cannabis. That’s why we craft all of our Remedies with careful attention to quality and the efficacy of our cannabis products. We also go out of our way to ensure our patients and adult use consumers buying marijuana in Las Vegas have access to premium cannabis Remedies at a reasonable price.

At Remedy, however, we want to do more than just bring you the best bud in recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas. We are here to help heal Las Vegas, and that includes giving back to our community.

How recreational cannabis can help heal communities

Although marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas are only in their fourth month of recreational marijuana sales, the economic powerhouse that is the cannabis industry is difficult to ignore. Like other states that have launch recreational marijuana sales, Nevada has seen millions of dollars in tax revenue added to state coffers.

As record-breaking sales continue month after month in Nevada, more people are starting to accept the positive potential for cannabis to improve not just the Vegas Valley but Nevada at large.

The philanthropic legacy of cannabis businesses in CO, OR, and CA

The Las Vegas community isn’t the only place to see cannabis companies thrive and begin to give back, especially after the launch of recreational marijuana sales. Cannabis businesses in California, Colorado, and Oregon have all made headlines through their philanthropic efforts and community participation.

From working to ensure that low-income patients have access to free medication, to golf tournaments, and even working on ballot initiatives to help victims of the drug war, cannabis businesses are vacating the shadows they once operated in to tangibly improve their communities.

Las Vegas cannabis industry gives back after tragedy strikes

On Oct 1, 2017, Las Vegas was the site of the deadliest mass shooting in recent American history. With 58 fatalities and almost 500 injured, local cannabis businesses rushed to help and heal both their customers and the city itself.

Some of the first businesses helping were Remedy partners, Blüm Dispensaries. In an interview with Merry Jane Magazine, Director of Operations Mike Alvarez expressed his devastation and an urge to help. “This hit home for us because we all have someone who was impacted by the attacks,” he said. “I felt we couldn’t wait around to contribute. Helping immediately, in any way possible, was simply the right thing to do.”

During the days after the attack, Alvarez and his staff could be found at the vigil held near the attack site, distributing water and food to first responders, victims and their families, in addition to members of the community who gathered to pay their respects. “We wanted to do anything at all possible to get involved and provide immediate support,” said Alvarez.

Find Your Remedy in Las Vegas Dispensaries

In addition to Blüm, you can find Remedy products in a handful of premier recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas. Do you know where to find your Remedy in Las Vegas?