Rosin and Live Resin: How to Know the Difference

Users today can choose many different types of concentrates on the market. From tried and tested choices to exciting fresh varieties, extraction offers many new strain combinations and consumption options. This article explores the difference between rosin and live resin. 

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The Different Kinds of Extraction

A variety of different extraction processes create cannabis concentrated products. These take the potent parts of the plant and transform them into unique forms. For example, shatter is thin and similar to glass. In contrast, a hash tends toward the denser side. 

Two other types are rosin and live resin. Despite sounding identical, rosin and live resin are quite different. While live resin comes from frozen plant material, dry nugs, or other types of cannabis, pressed under intense heat create rosin.

What Is Live Resin vs Resin?

Resin and live resin seem like the same thing but are not the same at all. Resin is extracted by hand. Live resin requires critical technical pieces of equipment. 

Live resin is based on resin and is a potent, sticky substance. However, it has a more similar appearance to shatter and wax than resin. It will typically be extracted from the plants using solvents. 

How Is Live Resin Different?

Usually, solvent-based extracts lose a lot of the terpenoid profile. However, with live resin, the cannabinoids and trichomes are retained. The resulting cannabis extract is full of flavor and potent. Because of the maintained integrity of the plant’s potency and profile, this type of concentrate continues to increase in popularity.

Live resin can appear soft and sugary with an amber shade. It’s also typically more expensive than other cannabis concentrates on the market because of the longer and more complex process to make. However, it provides more powerful psychoactive impacts and even offers certain medical benefits. 

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What Is Rosin?

Rosin might sound like resin or live resin but is also different. It looks a lot like shatter and is made using high heat levels to get the THC and resin from the plant.

The amber substance of rosin is also similar to budder, but the extraction process is not solvent-based. An alternative way to make shatter uses pressure and heat to separate the resin from the rest of the plant. 

How Is Rosin Different?

The final material will look and taste drastically different with live resin appearing sugary and rosin resulting in a lot like shatter.

Moreover, the live resin extraction process is different from that of rosin. Live resin requires top-of-the-line and avante-garde equipment to make. On the other hand, some users with more experience may make their rosin at home.

To make rosin at home, you need a few pieces of parchment paper, hair straighteners, and a collection tool. You will also need gloves to protect your hands, and the process only takes a few minutes. You need to wrap up the nugs in the paper and fold it. 

After this, put it between the straighteners and press down firmly. You’ll start to hear the buds sizzling. When it starts to smell, you can release the straighteners and open up the parchment paper. What remains will be an oily substance that you can keep in a jar. 

Rosin vs. Live Resin

As you can see, while they seem the same, there are crucial differences between these types of concentrates—from the creation process to final product.

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