RSO Syringe

“Rick Simpson Oil”, otherwise known as “honey oil”, is commonly smoked in a pipe on a bed of ashes or smeared across a rolling paper, producing a powerful impact that can last many hours. For health and safety reasons, the original recipe (using isopropyl alcohol as extraction solvent) has been modified so patients can consume RSO with confidence.


While the syringe itself is clear, you can see straight through to the oil within. The oil within is a deep, robust shade of brown – the culmination of every color coming together.


While in the syringe, RSO is practically odorless. Once dispensed, there is a pungent aroma that is present.


Because the RSO is in concentrate form, you can expect a robust taste. You don’t need much for a full dose, but you’ll easily be able to taste the pine and earthiness.


Part of the Rick Simpson revelation was that to treat serious medical conditions, you have to eat this gooey extract or apply it directly to your skin. This edible product is a great choice for diabetic patients that wish to avoid the sugars and other ingredients traditionally found in edible medications. You can also add this product directly to any recipes that you’re making at home for your own edibles.

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