Safe Vaping: Choose Tested Products, Not Black Market

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Quality has always been important to Remedy with all of our products. We treat our cannabis with care, hand watering, picking, and trimming our flower. 

What Is Vaping?

Vaping is an alternative to smoking or ingesting cannabis. Heated air releases the THC and other cannabinoids into vapor, as opposed to burning and creating smoke. This is called convective heating, as opposed to conductive heating which happens when combustion occurs.

Is Vaping Safe for My Lungs?

Vaping is a relatively new phenomenon in the cannabis community and long term effects are still unknown. However, studies have shown vaporizing does produce fewer carcinogens due to the lack of combustion. 

Medical patients should always be cautious of temperatures when vaping. Benzene, a known carcinogen found in everything from soda to exhaust, can be released when the product is heated over 365 degrees.  

Overall, no cases have been reported from products coming from legal state-licensed stores across the US. Additionally, no fatalities have been found in Nevada stemming from regulated vaping.

When Is Vaping NOT Safe?

When it comes to cannabis, Nevada has some of the most rigorous testing standards in the country. Quality vape brands should always test for contaminants such as human pathogens, pesticides, mold, metals, and fungus as required by the state. Compliance is a vital part of our industry, and we aim to set the bar for standards. 

Many underground and black market vape companies use Vitamin E oil as a thickener in their cartridges. This seems to be the culprit of the outbreak of vaping-associated pulmonary injury or VAPI, found in hundreds of cases across the country, even leading to at least seven fatalities. 

What Is Vitamin E Oil?

Vitamin E can be found naturally as well as synthetically. It is the common name for several similar types of oils called tocopherols. While these oils are available on the market in products such as vegetable oils, creams, and other topicals, no form of Vitamin E should be inhaled. This causes lipids in the lungs, which are highly toxic.

To Vape or Not To Vape

Always make sure to purchase your vape cartridges from a lab-tested brand. It’s always best to educate yourself and familiarize yourself with the products you use and consume. Always ask your budtender if you have any questions or concerns.

All properly state tested products will provide production information including dates, expirations, lab info, extraction method, THC, and terpene numbers. You can also ask your budtender for a Certificate of Authenticity and further testing information provided from the labs.

Vape Safely

Remedy’s first concern is always going beyond marijuana lab-testing standards. If you choose to Remedy yourself with cannabis, we ensure that whatever way you choose to consume, it’s a premium product, crafted to heal. 
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