sky resin concentrate

At Remedy, we continually invest in our people, equipment, and processes so we can revolutionize varying techniques and technologies. This vested mission allows us to craft new premium remedies like our latest SkyResin concentrates. 

The Heightened Live Resin: SkyResin

Named after the creator, Skyler, SkyResins are made using cured material but look, taste, test, and smoke like live resins. Remedy’s process removes chlorophyll, fats, and lipids from the plant material to create a cleaner concentrate packed with flavor.

The color of these concentrates alone speaks for itself. The flavor, smell, and effect, embodies what a superior product should be.

From the beginning, the goal for this product was to create a superior cured resin for the cannabis connoisseur at an accessible price.

How SkyResins Are Crafted

Using our exclusive method, we extract unnecessary molecules from the product itself, including but limited to pigmentations, chlorophyll, waxes, and lipids. These molecules mask, or even dictate, the look as well as the flavor of the product. 

Removing as many of the non-cannabinoid or non-terpene profiles from the concentrate makes our SkyResins superior to any competitors’ cured resins.

SkyResin Products

Try some of the latest strains from the SkyResin product line.


SkyResins are typically for the experienced consumer because of its THC potency. Here are the effects of some of our top products:

  • Clemonhead Kush – Heady high with energetic effects
  • Clemonade – Mentally stimulating with warming body highs
  • King Kong – Stoney hybrid

Where to Find Your Remedy Concentrates

Ask about Remedy concentrates and our latest, tastiest products at your local dispensary. With our relentless pursuit of better products, the sky is just the beginning. Sign up for updates here.

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