SSW Gold Syringe

Remedy’s SSW Gold Syringe contains pure THC oil for patients that are looking to medicate sublingually. This oil is solvent-free – having all solvent removed and the other never touching solvent at all. For health and safety reasons, the original recipe (using isopropyl alcohol as extraction solvent) has been modified so patients can consume RSO with confidence.


While the syringe itself is clear, you can see straight through to the oil within. SSW Gold is a bright, reflective shade of yellow.


While in the syringe, SSW Gold is practically odorless. Once dispensed, there is an ever-so-slight hint of fragrance.


Because SSW Gold is in concentrate form, you can expect a robust taste. You don’t need much for a full dose, but you’ll be able to pick up on suggestions of earthiness and pine.


Grapeseed oil has also been added for better absorption, improved taste, and has shown to be a positive contribution to health. This edible product is a great choice for diabetic patients that wish to avoid the sugars and other ingredients traditionally found in edible medications. You can also add this product directly to any recipes that you’re making at home for your own edibles. Recommended dosage is 25mgs.

SSW Gold Syringe contains: Solvent free cannabis oil and Grapeseed Oil


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