THC Raw Syringe

Our THC Raw Syringe is one of the newest products in our PURE line. This high potency distillate (pure cannabinoid concentrate) is our answer to patients looking for pure THC in an easy to use method, while still being versatile on your method of consumption. With no artificial flavors or added terpenes, this triple threat distillate is decarboxylated, making it an ideal medicine for patients that are on the go and/or looking for a high THC content. Edible enthusiasts or any patient looking for high THC content can easily use this medicine by adding it to your edible regimen or taking it sublingually.


Our new glass syringes makes it the perfect pure cannabinoid concentrate for Dabbers using dab rigs or e-rigs, no need to worry about melting the syringe.

The syringe itself is clear, so you can see through to the oil within. The oil is a deep, robust shade of brown – the culmination of every color coming together.


While in the syringe, RSO is practically odorless. Once dispensed, there is a pungent aroma that is present.


Because the RSO is in concentrate form, you can expect a robust taste. You don’t need much for a full dose, but you’ll easily be able to taste the pine and earthiness.


Part of the Rick Simpson revelation was that to treat serious medical conditions, you have to eat this gooey extract or apply it directly to your skin. This edible product is a great choice for diabetic patients that wish to avoid the sugars and other ingredients traditionally found in edible medications. You can also add this product directly to any recipes that you’re making at home for your own edibles.

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