Top Tips and Products for Hiking with Cannabis

man hiking outside in red rock with cannabis

Spring has finally arrived. For those who live in Nevada that means warmer days are on the horizon with cloudless skies. The weather is nearly perfect with crisp mornings and warm evenings. There is no better time to get outside and explore. If you’re planning on hiking with cannabis, learn our top tips and products to bring with you. 

Tips for Hiking with Cannabis

As you plan your hike, you’ll need to make sure you understand your state or city’s regulations for smoking or cannabis consumption outdoors in addition to equipping your backpack with all the essential for an excursion. 


Safety is always important to remember when hitting the trails. Pack extra water. You will always need more than expected in the Vegas sun, especially if you are exploring with 4-legged friends.

Also, be mindful of your use of fire. Be cautious of where you drop ash in the dry desert heat. Never toss a roach, and always pick up after yourself and leave no trace.


Etiquette is also crucial for your enjoyment and those on the track with you. Be mindful of other hikers out there, especially children. While consuming is nothing to be ashamed of, not everyone appreciates cannabis, and everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors. 


Remember, cannabis is still federally illegal and therefore not allowed at National Parks. Do your due diligence before your trek to escape any unwanted fees or fines. 

Know the Path

Always be cautious of your route. It’s easy to get lost in nature, literally and figuratively. Stay on the trail and keep track of landmarks to remember where you are or don’t wander too far and lose cell reception.

Also, Snacks

If you’re smoking or vaping on the trail, there’s nothing worse than getting the munchies only to find you forgot your bag of almonds and raisins. 

Cannabis Products to Bring on Your Hike

You know your location. You know what to bring and how to be responsible with your marijuana products. Now you can choose the products you can use responsibly on your next hike.

Durban Poison Pre-rolls – Pre-rolls are great for groups. They are easy to light and keep lit, as opposed to bowls, and are great to pass among friends. As one of the last true sativas, Durban Poison will jump-start your hike with an energy boost you need to get up that hill.

707 Headband Vapes – Both disposables and vape cartridges are other great options due to their discreteness and portability. While 707 Headband is not recommended for the amateur smoker, this classic strain will leave you in the perfect mindset for wandering the desert.

SkyResin – Electronic devices such as Hunibadgers, YoCans, or Sea Horses are also great portable options for dabbing on the go. Reach for Candyland SkyResin for uplifting euphoric effects. 

Extra Strength 2:1 Capsules – A discreet smoke and vapor-free option, edibles are go-to choice, especially for microdosing on your adventures. As always, monitor your dosage and not to take too much. Those suffering from pain can find relief with the extra strength capsules, making hikes easier on the body. 

2:1 Topical Balm – The perfect Remedy for post-hike pain. Apply a generous amount of CBD balm to the inflamed area to alleviate any soreness almost immediately.

Adventure with Remedy

Cannabis and nature go hand and hand. They bring us closer together and allow you to greater enjoy and appreciate your surroundings. Remedy has all the products for your outdoor adventures. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest updates on our products and ways you can remedy yourself.