The Next Level of Remedy Live Resin Vapes

If you don’t know what elevates live resin vape cartridges above the sea of standard cannabis oil vape options, allow Remedy Cultivation to welcome you to the party.

Remedy Live Resin Vape Cartridges capture the full effects of the cannabis plant, while keeping its true flavor profile and essence intact. No PG or PRG, Remedy only uses pure and uncut plant derived properties. Nothing is added that didn’t come from the cannabis plant originally.

This is a process that only a select few cultivation and production facilities have the capability and know how to execute. This isn’t marketing speak. The overall purity and quality of live resin cannabis vape oils is rooted in the pure science in the process.

clemon kush live resin

The Remedy Difference

“Remedy reintroduces the live resin glands directly from the cannabis extract,” explains Thomas Supp, Production Manager at Remedy Cultivation. “Our cartridge tastes exactly like the live plant smells. Most vape companies recreate strains using non-cannabis derived terpenes. Not here at Remedy. There is a noticeable difference in our Live Resin vapes because we use the live resin directly from a recently harvested plant. That purity cannot be recreated.”

“The more we learn about the entourage effect, the more important we learn terpenes are,” Josh Soule of Extracts Academy explains. “Terpenes do more than just provide the fragrance for cannabis, they are what make a strain unique, and ultimately help define the entire consumers experience. The process of creating a live resin extract starts the moment the plant is harvested.”

Gold In, Gold Out

Craft and quality are at the heart of process involved in Live Resin extraction. When the Remedy cultivation team harvests a room, the live plants are placed in a cryogenic freezer set to -80°C.

“By freezing that plant immediately after harvest, we are able to avoid the high rate terpene loss that is experienced in the traditional drying step,” says Soule.

sadie and franco live resin vapes shoot

The plant is kept at these cryogenic temperatures throughout the entire extraction process for maximum terpene preservation. During the extraction process the terpenes are separated from cannabinoids, and the cannabinoids are ultra-refined through a secondary distillation step. These terpenes and ultra-refined cannabinoids come together to create a final product that captures the true essence of a mature plant at the end of its flowering period.

“Only a few production facilities have true control of the cleanliness and quality of the flower they are working with to make their cannabis vape oils,” explains Randy Villarba of Remedy Cultivation.

“At Remedy we are fortunate to plan and schedule our grow rooms specifically for producing the highest quality of vape products. We have a saying here at Remedy. Gold in, gold out. When freshly harvested connoisseur quality cannabis is used for vape oil, the end result is rarely paralleled.”

How it all began

It all started with Remedy’s 707 Headband Live Resin cartridges and disposables and evolved from there. Over the last year Remedy released hybrid live resin mixes like Blue Headband (Blue Dream X 707 Headband). More recently some flavors released derived from the popular Clementine strain, a Tangie cross with Lemon Kush; resulting in Clemtrails Live Resin (Clementine X Durban Poison) and Clemon Kush Live Resin (Clementine X Lemon Kush.)

The new year creates a new direction and focus for Remedy’s approach to live resin vapes as Supp explains.

“We received a lot of feedback from our patients and consumers and are now planning grow rooms for strain specific live resin vape options,” says Supp. “Strain specific is what the people want, so they can use those strains to guide the desired effects from our vape cartridges. Our 707 Headband Live Resin will calm and relax you while our Durban Poison Live Resin will take you in the opposite side of the spectrum of energy and creativity.”

“If we know it’s the unique blend of terpenes in a specific strain that make it different from all other strains, then live resin extracts are the best way to experience the truest representation of that strain,” says Soule.

Welcome to the next level of live resin vapes. Now you know so ask about Remedy at your local dispensary.