What You Need to Know about CBD Capsules and Cannabis Pills

cannabis capsules

Easier to ingest and an excellent Remedy for people who prefer not to smoke, CBD-infused capsules are another way patients may consume marijuana without sacrificing its healing advantages. CBD capsules can effectively treat mental health conditions with a steadier dosage than conventional medication.

What Are CBD Capsules?

Before we examine how cannabis capsules benefit mental health and offer pain relief, let’s discuss what cannabis capsules are.

With a plain appearance, the gelatin capsule around the CBD or marijuana may have differentiating colors, depending on the kind of CBD cap. The pills are non-descript, ultimately helping you to medicate discreetly and with virtually no scent.

How Marijuana Benefit Patients

Health divides into two subsections: physical and mental health. Physical health issues are a result of injuries or illnesses directly targeting the human body. Mental health issues are often overlooked because they’re more complex and don’t directly result in a visible injury.

Types of cannabis capsules

At Remedy, we offer a variety of marijuana pills and CBD capsules.

Remedy anxiety with CBD capsules

Feelings of worry severe enough to disrupt one’s daily life often characterize an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is the root of more severe mental health disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. The human brain’s amygdala governs anxiety and fear.

A 2008 study focusing on cannabis users found THC significantly reduced anxiety and fear when showing subject images of threatening faces. When the subjects were shown images of threatening faces, their amygdalas recognized a visible threat and instinctually felt fear.

In the conclusion of the study, the presence of THC reduced the amygdala’s ability to recognize threats and induce anxiety and fear.

Remedy depression with CBD caps

As one of the most common mental health issues internationally, depression is not easily ignored, but it may be treatable. When speaking to a professional, ask about your options.

Talking to a budtender about what kind of cannabis dosing experience you’d like is another excellent way to ensure you treat your depression properly. Find the right intake method and strength to give you an elevated mood, feelings of euphoria, increased energy, and increased appetite.

A pain relief Remedy

For those who suffer from severe to moderate pain, Remedy offers types of capsules that may help reduce pain and enhance mood. Sage Serenity, for example, may help women experiencing painful menstrual cramps.

“Jimmy B Oil” is also good for full-body pains, migraines, or headaches, as this type of capsule provides a full-body relief.

Remedy PTSD with cannabis oil capsules

Learned fear triggered by the anxiety and flashbacks of a troubling experience characterize post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Conventional PTSD treatments include strong sedatives and powerful antidepressant medication with a variety of negative side effects.

Moreover, cannabis reduces the human fear response. PTSD patients have a deficiency of the “bliss molecule,” anandamide, an essential endocannabinoid. Similar to traditional treatments, cannabis oil capsules may be taken prior to a therapy session to ease PTSD patients but with negative side effects.

Discreet and subtle dosing

Patients often choose capsules as their Remedy due to their encapsulated presentation. Because of their encasing, no flavor accompanies the capsule.

CBD Capsules vs. THC Pillslab tested marijuana

The difference between CBD capsules and THC pills is simple: it’s in the name. Capsules with high CBD content while caps high in THC, like the JBO Extra Strength or Regular Strength marijuana capsules, give the psychoactive results commonly found in strains.

Side effects for capsules high in THC include “a deep body sensation” and couch lock. While CBD capsule side effects are virtually non-existent.

Where to find the best CBD capsules

At Silver Sage Wellness, their capsules have a steady dosage, so patients know exactly how much CBD and THC are in each pill. CBD capsules provide potent anxiety relief without the psychoactive side effects of THC. CBD capsules with small percentages of THC release dopamine to increase feelings of euphoria and relaxation.

Remedy Yourself with Cannabis Capsules

Medical marijuana effectively treats and heals both physical and mental health illnesses. Learn more about how cannabis oils can benefit you.