What’s in Your Cannabis?

With recreational marijuana more popular than ever, especially in Sin City, consumers and medical marijuana patients are starting to see a diverse array of products available to them. Long gone are the days when shake and subpar marijuana were synonymous with pre-rolls. Instead, cannabis consumers and craft cultivators like Remedy medical marijuana cultivation and production are demanding more of the marijuana marketplace.

Defining the Craft of Medical Marijuana Cultivation

Remedy medical marijuana cultivation and production began with a mission to provide our patients with cannabis cultivated with quality and care in mind. As the first ‘Battle Born’ cannabis cultivation and production facility, Remedy’s cannabis products are synonymous with potency, efficacy, consistency, and flavor.

Do you know what craft cannabis is?

As the marijuana market opens up in America and around the world, more recreational and medical marijuana cultivation facilities are laying claim to the name ‘craft’ to describe their cannabis products or flower. Despite this, the term ‘craft’ has yet to be adequately defined for consumers.

Also called boutique cannabis, craft medical marijuana can be defined by nuances in appearance, smell, flavor, and dosing experience. Other qualities that distinguish a craft cannabis strain includes depth and complexity of the flowers’ terpene profiles, potency, cannabinoid profiles, and how much a customer can consume a particular strain before developing a tolerance.

Remedying the cultivation standards of an entire industry

Producing high-quality cannabis is entirely contingent upon the design of your grow environment. That’s why Remedy medical marijuana cultivation implements standard-setting hand-cultivation and testing procedures.

Our medical marijuana cultivation facilities focus on:

  • Potency
  • Cleanliness
  • Therapeutic application
  • Crafting consistently curative cannabis and cannabis products

Do you know how to read a cannabis product label?

When it comes to crafting consistent and effective cannabis Remedies, our medical marijuana cultivation facility ensures that all of our cannabis product and edibles labels are clearly and accurately measured to ensure an optimal dosing experience.

Per Nevada state regulations, all dispensary labels must provide potency, packaging, and dosing information to medical marijuana patients and adult use consumers.

Find Remedy Medical Marijuana Cultivation on Your Next Dispensary Run

Remedy medical marijuana cultivation and production was borne from our belief in the therapeutic power of cannabis that has been crafted with the needs of cannabis patients and consumers in mind. Do you know where to find your Remedy in Nevada?