Cannabis and chronic pain relief have been linked for centuries. According to Mark Ware, MD, an assistant professor of anesthesia and family medicine at McGill University, 10-15% of patients treated for chronic pain use cannabis. Cannabis is a natural and healthier pain management alternative to pharmaceuticals. Learn about the link between marijuana and pain relief.marijuana and pain relief

Relieving Pain with Cannabis

Studies show 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain and that number jumps to over 1.5 billion people worldwide. In 2016, it was reported one in three Americans were prescribed painkillers. Reports say 38% of Americans use prescription painkillers, with a percentage of them obtaining painkillers through obscure means.

Patients new to medical marijuana are often overwhelmed with all the knowledge needed to consume cannabis including strains, THC and CBD ratios. Cannabis is a natural and effective pain reliever and it’s a healthier alternative to prescription painkillers. What’s your pain relief Remedy?

Choosing a strain: indica or sativa for pain

Choosing a strain: indica or sativaThe three strains of cannabis (indica, sativa, and hybrid) have different effects on pain management. Sativa strains provide patients with an uplifting euphoria. Sativa is used to remedy neuropathic pain and headaches. For chronic pain relief, indica and hybrid strains are more effective than pure sativa strains.

Indica strains provide the best pain management, because they’re calming and sedating in nature. They’re considered better for daytime use and relieve body pain, spasms, and relax muscles.

Best strains for pain relief

When it comes to marijuana and pain relief, Afghan Kush is the perfect pain reliever. This potent strain is nearly 100% indica and relieves patients with a complete body relaxation. It’s loaded with THC and the terpenes, Humulene and Caryophyllene, making it a pain reliever, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

The hybrid strain, White Widow, eases pain with a blissful uplift. It’s a perfect cross between indica and sativa, giving patients the best of both worlds. White Widow contains Linalool, the strong pain reliever and anti-inflammatory terpene. Linalool is responsible for giving lavender it’s iconic therapeutic scent.Harlequin strain

Harlequin is a sativa dominant strain with a 3 to 1 sativa to indica ratio. Harlequin gives patients a unique experience due to its 5 to 2 CBD to THC ratio. This strain relieves pain and the CBD to THC ratio creates a balanced mellow in the patient’s mind while still allowing them to focus.

CBD oil for pain management

While using CBD oil for pain relief shows a lot of potential for medical marijuana patients, it’s still widely debated if it’s the best choice for pain relief. Research suggests CBD oil helps relieve pain, but more scientific research is needed. The Journal of Experimental Medicine supports the link between CBD and pain relief.

The Best Remedy for Your Pain

Cannabis and pain relief go hand-in-hand. At Remedy, we’re dedicating to not just relieving, but also educating medical marijuana patients. Expand your medical marijuana education at Remedy!

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