Remedy Cannabis Products Now Available on LeafLink

remedy cannabis products available on leaflink

Remedy is excited to announce to all of our dispensaries and distribution partners that all of our products are now available on LeafLink for wholesale ordering. Over the last two years, our friends at LeafLink have assisted hundreds of cannabis brands and thousands of dispensaries. Remedy is happy to join the LeafLink family.

What Is LeafLink?

As the largest online marketplace for wholesale cannabis, LeafLink provides a suite of products including streamlined ordering, CRM, reporting tools and fulfillment and shipment queues.

“Very much like our flower, over the last year Remedy continues to grow,” explains Randy Villarba, Marketing and Sales Director for Remedy cultivation. “Like the rest of this growing market, we are excited to be live on LeafLink.”

Licensed dispensaries, distributors throughout Nevada can now look at Remedy’s live available inventory through LeafLink, allowing a better flow of communication between the cultivation, production, and authorized dealers.

What the LeafLink partnership means for dispensaries and customers

Remedy has been known for having one of the largest libraries of cannabis with a consistently high testing harvest, both in THC as well as terpenes. The cultivation team led by Chris Welch and Seth Holycross have been slowly unlocking the fullest potential and potency from each strain, over the last year. In the coming months, Remedy will release the next round of genetics in Nevada.

When it comes to concentrates, Remedy has just completed expansion of the lab. This gives the techs and extractors more room to make those higher end live resin and cured resin concentrates frequently sought after. Remedy also takes their live resin vapes and distillate production to the next level. Remedy infused products offer patients a more medical approach to dosing their CBD needs and desired effects.

Order Wholesale Cannabis Products Today

As the first Battle Born and bred cannabis brand from Nevada, Remedy proudly provides premium craft cannabis and cannabis-infused products to medical marijuana patients and adults over 21 in Nevada. Remedy specializes in top shelf, craft and quality cannabis, concentrates, infused and vape products.